Sunday, November 6, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #101: BT!!!

                I’m not into the action packed campaigns of this generation of first person shooters, which usually are more dramatic than they need to be just for show. And as I said numerous times before, I don’t think an online multiplayer shooter needs to justify its price with a singleplayer campaign, it just needs content (you know, that stuff that usually makes it into a Season Pass instead of the actual game). What this means is that my acquisition of Titanfall 2 was strictly for the multiplayer and the campaign is a bonus that I started playing because my curiosity was triggered by people’s excitement about it.
                I’ve always been a fan of AI companions and after I read Speaker for the Dead my fondness for this kind of characters has grown. So, having an artificial killing machine to fight alongside with and chit chat when things are peaceful was a big plus for Titanfall 2 campaign. BT-7274, the vanguard titan and now companion of Jack Cooper was given to him during the dying moments of his original pilot, the Frontier’s hero captain Lastimosa. And while BT doesn’t possess a sense of humor nor has a proper understanding of sarcasm (kind of like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory) he’s a great companion in and out of battle, providing the firepower needed to get the job done and some hilarious comments to fill the silence during the jumping puzzles (that’s right, this FPS has jumping puzzles). Titanfall 2 has a fairly clicheic story, which is usually the norm for the genre, but it’s easily saved by relationship between the two main characters and their adventures through some fantastically designed missions that are perfect for this game’s excellent gameplay.
                It turns out that you can have a good singleplayer campaign and a quality multiplayer (without Season Pass) in the same game. Some of the established franchises out there could learn something from Titanfall 2, probably just not the art of sale.
I'm coming bro!


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