Monday, October 17, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #98: Blazing skies!

                I subscribed to Origin Access and got to play the Battlefield 1 paid demo (I think this is the best way to describe it) to test the improvements made over the Open Beta Test and the design of the maps because Sinai Desert wasn’t all that impressive.
                I got to play on all the available maps in the 10 hours trial version and while all look cool and are enjoyable, only The St. Quentin Scar stuck with me. This map depicts perfectly the image of WWI battles with a long line of muddy trenches filled with used howitzer shells and torn apart by craters next to a village which has not been destroyed, yet. A gruesome battlefield that’s offering a better WWI combat experience in one of the most splendid environments I got to see in an online game.
                Not much has changed in terms of gameplay, Battlefield 1 is still a fast paced shooter with a focus on action and a slight disregard for tactics. On the bright side, the game has been balanced based on the OBT feedback. Tanks have been nerfed and the medic is useful again. Thanks to some bugs fixing cavalry can’t kill passengers inside heavily armored vehicles anymore and there are less annoying problems to worry about.
                On the technical part things are as they always have been with these games since Battlefield 3. The netcode still feels skimpy, I’ve seen a few teleporting players and a lot of spongy enemies which is a mix of netcode problems and low damage weapons (I’ve seen LMG chest shots dealing 8 damage). The sound design, which was already awesome, has been improved with new additional sound effects to horses, elite classes and many more. The graphics don’t disappoint either, all the maps look amazing and there is a great attention to graphical details which I really loved (weapons getting muddy, that’s the headline!). The optimization is on point with the game running smoothly on the highest settings no matter the map which says a lot considering some of the maps are full of details.
                Overall, the Battlefield 1 feels and plays a lot better, but if you weren’t impressed in the Open Beta, don’t expect any miracles. The content variety does help to get rid of that grindy feeling and there is a lot more to experience now, but at its core it’s still the same game it was two months ago.
I died watching this crash.

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