Thursday, September 29, 2016

Things you should know about Battlerite Early Access!

                Battlerite Early Access is barely a week old and I’ve already spent so much time in it to learn a bunch of tricks. As usual, I would like to share my knowledge in the game and I hope it will come in handy to you.
                Battlerite is not your day to day MoBA (technically it is an Arena Brawler) and while lacking in the complexity given by builds made around itemization, there are a ton of mechanics and tricks to be known. Here are a few of the things I found helpful:

Know your champion’s battlerites

In Battlerite there isn’t any leveling system or item progression during matches like in regular MoBAs, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have your personal builds. Each new round you can pick from three different passive skills called battlerites which enhance some of your champion’s abilities with the 5th (last) round having only two options to enhance the ultimate. There might not be many options, but in many cases the bonuses are equally interesting and provide enough variety to make actual builds that change the way the champions should be played.
He's way too awesome!

Train your skill shots skills

                Skill shots are nothing new to any genre, Arena Brawlers and MoBAs had them from the very beginning. What is unusual in Battlerite compared to most of the games on the market is the fact that every ability is a skill shot. So, while in other games you can recover from missing skill shots with the help of targeted attacks and abilities, in Battlerite if you don’t have a good skill shot accuracy, you will be in trouble. If you are not confident in your ability to land skill shots, the game has put a lot of tools at your disposal to prepare before facing other players. Players have the option to play against AI and while the AI isn’t the most brilliant out there it’s dynamic enough to help. There is also a Training mode with dummies to test your champion’s abilities and the potential combos between them.

You can dodge over walls, but you can’t hit through them

                All the maps in Battlerite are a circular arena filled with obstacles in the form of walls which help players kite and lose the line of sight. With a few exceptions, every champion has a dodge ability which helps them avoid any kind of damage or debuffs if used and timed correctly. This ability can get you through or over the walls, walls that will stop almost any damaging ability that doesn’t have a cast on the ground. Use the dodging over/through the walls to your advantage to escape or chase targets that are trying to get away from you.
I'm out of here!

Block your enemies, not your teammates

Models blocking is a more hardcore gameplay mechanic that Battlerite is using to add a little more complexity to an already challenging gameplay. You can block your teammates or your enemies and due to the nature of the game’s controls, you should always keep a safe distance from your teammates to avoid hindering their movement causing those troubles to them and implicitly to yourself.
On the other hand, blocking enemies can be a viable tactic. Cornering a lonely champion and boxing him into a wall will prevent an escape unless dodge cooldown is ready. This will give you and your teammates a lot of nuking time and a serious chance to get a kill. Just be careful, Battlerite is a team game and your enemy’s crowd control and AoE damage can ruin your tactic.
Do you want to leave somewhere?!
Get out of my way!

Learn to disengage

                Battles are won by killing your opponents, but this doesn’t mean you have to be on them 24/7. If the situation calls for it, get out of combat without second thoughts, avoiding being focused down or taking unnecessary damage is better than dealing a few extra yourself. Move around the map, mount up if possible, gather some globes and get back to combat, but make sure you don’t overextend being out of combat, your team might need you. With time, you will assess this kind of situations better and you will know which is the right call.
It's globes time!

You can cancel a casted ability

Let’s face it, how many of us skip on checking the keybinds just so we can get to play faster? In Battlerite by doing that you might miss on an important piece of information that can, at times, make the difference between a win and a loss. If you don’t believe me, imagine how useful it is to stop Ashka’s Fire Storm from hitting Bakko’s Bulwark so it doesn’t recoil back into your face. By default the key “C” cancels any ability used, while some abilities can be canceled through movement, the channeling ones require the usage of this particular key so you better not ignore it.
Just try to Bulwark!

Don’t set a focus target

                Focusing down a target is a misconception carried from regular MoBAs and MMOs that rarely works in Battlerite. This game is more about adaptability during combat, you might start bursting one target, but there are multiple variables that could make you switch. A stun or a good debuff on a different target as well as a life saving buff on yours could call for a switch and by doing so you are not losing time or damage. Keep in mind that maximum life shortens if not healed fast enough and the support champions in this game can’t hold alive multiple targets all that well. Leave old concepts behind, switch targets as you see the opportunity to deal more damage and to put pressure, it is the right path to victory.

Don’t be greedy with your energy

                Energy is Battlerite’s only resource which can be gained through various ways and it’s used for four different abilities from each champion. The most important ability that uses energy is the ultimate, which requires the maximum amount of four energy bars to be used and many players tend to save the energy for this. The 6th ability on each champion, bound by default to R, is also consuming one bar of energy. Each champion has access to two EX abilities which are an improved version of some of the normal abilities with an energy cost to be useable. While the ultimate is strong and usually does a ton of damage, don’t hoard your energy, the time might call for a more expensive crowd control or an EX ability for a little extra damage to seal the deal.
Stay put!

Know the buffs and debuffs

                Each champion in Battlerite gets to apply some buffs or debuffs through their abilities and knowing them is mandatory if you want to perform well in this game. Some of the champions have personalized buffs or debuffs, the list below only contain those shared by multiple champions.

Immaterial – Attacks can’t hit you for a set amount of time.
Shield – Absorbs X amount of damage.

Stun – Target is unable to move or use abilities for a set amount of time.
Silence – Target is silenced, unable to use abilities for a set amount of time.
Incapacitate – Target is unable to move or use abilities for a set amount of time, damage breaks this effect.
Snare – Reduces target’s movement speed by X % for a set amount of time.
Fading Snare – Movement speed is reduced to 0% and gradually restored over a set amount of time.
Petrify – Target is granted a shield and is unable to move or cast abilities for a set amount of time. The shield absorbs X damage before breaking this effect.
Panic – Target runs away in panic for a set amount of time. The target runs at X % increased speed. If the target takes enough damage, the effect breaks.

                Battlerite might have short matches but doesn’t fall short in gameplay complexity. I could only cover so much of the tips and tricks I’ve learned and while these will help you better understand the game, there are many more things to learn by playing. As an extremely competitive game, you get what you put in it, knowledge and skill comes with training.


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