Sunday, September 11, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #93: The Atlas!

                Today is one of those screenshots that doesn’t look very interesting but has a lot of meaning. Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds expansion was released last week and naturally I returned to the game that I have on my PC since early 2013.
                The new expansion adds a substantial amount of content, but it doesn’t expand on the main story with an additional act, instead changes the progression through end game content by adding another labyrinthine progression UI for the game’s maps. The new progression system makes the end game much more challenging forcing players on a path of increasingly harder maps. In tone with the new progression, the game has received a bunch of new maps as well as a large number of new bosses to test each player’s build. Items, skills and various other things have been added to complement the expanded end game. But the biggest highlight is the performance improvement which everyone has been anxiously waiting for years. The game runs smooth now and the freezes that made me go crazy each time the experience stakes were high are gone or, in my case, have been replaced by some severe lag.
                I’ve been playing Path of Exile since its Closed Beta phase and GGG keeps surprising me each time with their devotion to make interesting content. The game is not devoid of problems and probably it will never be, but each new content update makes it so much better. I can’t even imagine what the developers have in store next, but I’m sure it’s going to be something worth trying.
The devs sure like to make everything look complicated!

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