Sunday, September 4, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #92: Giddy-up!

                Battlefield 1 Open Beta Test kicked in this weekend and respecting the tradition I create for myself I jumped in to play it despite the fact that I’m not digging the new changes so much. What I found was a game that feels more like Battlefront in an inaccurate WW1 setting, rather than a Battlefield game that should have followed in the footsteps of the legendary Battlefield 1942. I’m not entirely sure how the current Battlefield players are seeing this change, but as an old school player of the series, I’m not so thrill with the result.
                Battlefield is leaning now towards fast paced running and gunning and as a trade off the series is losing part of its tactical values with each new release. I’ve always picked my mainstream online shooters following two factors: teamwork and strategic gameplay and the Battlefield games have always provided these (more or less) through the conquest mode, now not so much. I’m afraid the series is going through an identity crisis and it’s hard to predict how it will be like when it passes.
                On the bright side of things, the new setting is welcomed even if is more of a marketing scheme than anything else. It’s a little refreshing to get away from ACOG scopes and the customary M4 and fight with bayonets, inaccurate guns and technologically crippled vehicles. But the hit of this Open Beta has to be the cavalry class. Riding horses into battle feels great, charging enemies with the sword or trampling them to death adds a level of satisfaction that, for me, only skilled bolt action kills can match.
                There are a lot of gameplay adjustments and quite a few additions that make Battlefield 1 stand as a game of its own and not just a reskin, but I’ll let you discover those by playing the Beta or in my upcoming article.
The doesn't stand a chance!

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