Thursday, August 25, 2016

Things you should know about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided!

                Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the current hot topic in video gaming, opening up the season for AAA games. Considering its above the average complexity level, there are a lot of things to know about Mankind Divided, even for the diehard fans of the series. Here are a few tips and tricks that should make your gameplay experience smoother and richer:

Pick your skills carefully

                While the tutorial area gives a taste of some of Adam’s Jensen cool powers, through story progression the players are given the choice of what skills to acquire to fit their style. Choose wisely because the first skills define the starting experience in the game by expanding or limiting the exploration opportunities and the way how each mission and area can be approached. Mainly, skills should be picked based on the play style, guns blazing or stealth, but keep in mind that more content can be accessed with the right skills. Hacking Capture and Hacking Stealth can make you a great burglar.  Rebreather comes in handy while exploring the sewers. Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis will open up all kinds of exploration opportunities on the rooftops of Prague and Cybernetic Arms Prosthesis will turn Adam into Hulk allowing him to lift heavy objects and break through cracked walls. For those who want a more streamlined navigation, Icarus Landing is a must, as Adam can’t withstand much fall damage. Smart Vision synergizes extremely well with the above mentioned skills as it’s not only highlighting enemies through walls but also shows vents, consoles and other things that come in handy when exploring.
With this combination, you are set to explore the beauty of Prague and even be quite competent at sneaking around. Gun blazing style is another problem.
Staying away from the sun!
Because I have the right skill!

Explore Prague

                Skimming through some of the early reviews (as I often do) of Mankind Divided got me worried about its hubs, but reaching Prague myself made that fear disappear. Prague is a vast multi-districts and multi-leveled hub system with a lot of secrets, underground passages, hidden secondary quests and a special atmosphere. Don’t close your eyes to the experience this city has to offer, explore its beauty and earn its rewards.

Save before hacking

                Hacking in Deus Ex was supposed to be some sort of mini-puzzle gated by the investments in a Hacking skill.  In reality it’s a click fest affected by RNG that more often than not forces the usage of special items to get things done. It’s advised to save before trying to hack even some of the basic consoles as you never know what will happen. It might sound cheesy, but annoying mechanics call for desperate measures.
A matter of luck.


                Experience is an important factor in progressing through the game and enjoying its content. Starting with the first 5000 XP points earned, Adam gets a Praxis Kit which can be used to enhance his many augmentations. Shamefully, Eidos Montreal has put a cash shop at the players’ disposal where they can buy Praxis Kits with real money (apparently gaming is that complicated that we need legal paid cheats). But don’t get tricked into it, there are plenty of ways to gain a ton of experience and enjoy Adam’s bag of augmentation tools.
                Aside of the story missions which grant a consistent XP reward, the first thing that provides a great boost in experience is exploration. Finding pathways and secrets grants a great deal of XP and loot. Hacking devices also (especially on the first try) provides small bursts of XP, compensating through the high number of hackable devices. Most of the time exploration and hacking intertwine, with the first cancelling the latter, in case you find your way around a hackable device, it’s better to turn back and still perform the hacking for the experience points. Don’t forget to check out the eBooks, a first time read grants 100 XP.

Praxis Kits can also be purchased from a few vendors in Prague at the price of 10,000 credits, which might sound a lot, but credits can be earned fast through exploration and continuously selling the guns taken from enemies.
Yeah, right!
The way to go!

Make your way through

                Mankind Divided has physics implemented in its gameplay. One of the most notable implementation of this technology is in the amount of moveable objects. Boxes, barrels, fridges and various other smaller or larger obstacles can hide valuable loot, information or even hidden paths. It might be time consuming, but if you are a OCDish completionist, Mankind Divided will have you working hard, but not without rewards.
What do we have here?!


                Privacy is not something you should care for in a universe where Illuminati are pulling the strings from the shadows. So don’t shy away from violating it in Deus Ex Mankind Divided as you will miss out of a big part of the game’s experience. Juicy mails which tie together in interesting side stories can be found spread around the many computers and gadgets in the game. These small walls of texts serve not only as story flavor but have various gameplay implications as codes and passwords for locked areas can be found while browsing through the NPCs web history. Quests can be triggered or progressed by the informations found on these emails. So leave your morals home, there is no place for them in Prague.
Should I be ashamed?!

There is always a window

                Like its predecessors, Deus Ex Mankind Divided is a game about choices and saying this I don’t refer to the dialogues choices, but the vast amount of gameplay options that the players have at their disposal through the combination of skills and intricate level design. There are many moments when progress is stopped by locked doors, guarded gates and deadly security systems, forcing violent solutions or postponement. But the obvious ways is not the best or the only way. Don’t give up on trying to reach your destination, there are always alternate routes which require different skills or simple exploration to get through. The beauty of Deus Ex is that there is always a window.
Or a door...

The fixed path of Achievements

                There are a few achievements in the game that require a hard decision at the start of the game that should be carried all the way through the game. If you are into completing achievements keep this in mind as there is no turning back from killing your first target or triggering the first alarm.
I didn't ask for this... to be a completionist...

                I hope the things I’ve learned from my personal experience with the game will help you enjoy Mankind Divided more and not miss on the plentiful hidden content. 


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