Sunday, August 28, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #91: Breaking Bad!

                The “vacation” is over and I’m returning in full force with two articles already posted and many more on the way (which might include a new interview!).
                The drought season of gaming is ending with the release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided which will be followed shortly by many more quality titles, both AAA and indie. As a gamer that played and liked the entire series (yes, that includes Invisible War), there was no debate about not playing Mankind Divided, this was one of the most anticipated games by me this year. I dived in the game with a mixed feeling of hope and fear as the pre-release reviews I’ve read got me worried. I find Mankind Divided to be a slightly improved version of its predecessor, with a visual facelift and a new narrative that follows Adam Jensen in his crusade against terrorism and conspiracy. There are aspects where this game comes on top of the series, but writing is not one of them and for those looking for a more RPG oriented experience, the game might be just disappointing. Where Mankind Divided does stand out is the artistic direction which complements an impressive level design built to give players the freedom of gameplay they desire. The game has problems, most of which stem from questionable porting decisions and the ever present optimization issue, but more about that in my detailed review about the game.
That's the wrong kind of bath...

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