Monday, July 25, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #90: Welcome to Hell!

                So I did something I thought I won’t do for a long while, bought DOOM. Why as a PC gamer I made such a commitment to skip on one of the most praised games of this year? Well, I was never really attracted by this series, even though I played all the previous games. They aren’t really my type and I always felt like the series has been a bit overrated. But I’m not one to judge a game without playing it (or at least I’m trying not to) so I gave DOOM a chance and guess what? DOOM is pretty much an up to date version of the older games. Not a big surprise there, right? Well, the real surprise is that I like it. Maybe after spending so much time with simulators I feel the need of a faster game where you can be reckless or maybe it has been such a long time since I played this type of shooters that I felt the need for one, who knows…
                DOOM is a reiteration of its really old parents brought to life through the technological standards of today and a demonically attractive gameplay. That’s pretty much it, a challenging run (jump) and gun shooter where you fight your way through a demonic horde hell-bent on killing you for a serious reason. But that reason doesn’t matter because the story of DOOM is on a tertiary plan as the main focus is to have fun and you can have a lot of fun in this game. The shooting mechanics are spot on and incredibly satisfying especially because they are mixed in with some good old fashioned gore. The Glory Kills aren’t annoying as I though they will turn out to be and they can be quite fun if not forced to abuse them by some weirdly designed challenge.
                On the bad side of things, there are some gameplay stoppers, which for DOOM is much more of an issue than with many of the games out there. For starters, the story isn’t the best, but it can get the motors going for some players only to set up for disappointment. There isn’t any clever writing to be seen and the common mysteries and twists are nothing to be bothered with, what saves the day are little interesting details about demons or weapons.
The second time consuming hellish feature are the tied in secrets and collectibles. These two are fun to hunt at first, but they really turn into labor as the level design (did I praise the level design yet?) gets more intricate and the lust for weapon’s and armor upgrades or the completist OCDish needs won’t let you enjoy the game as you are supposed to (even in new playthroughs).
                Overall, DOOM is as much as surprise for me as Wolfestein was a couple of years ago. I guess Bethesda allows for more freedom of creativity with their FPS titles than they do with their RPGs. Maybe that’s something to think about.
Is it wrong to say that I love this?!

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