Sunday, July 17, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #89: I am legend!

                With ARMA 3 Apex releasing this week I had a ton of epic screenshots from my exploratory adventures into the lands of Tanoa, yet something more important happened that “needs” to be showcased.
                I wasn’t very productive in the last month and a half, not at writing articles nor at playing video games, but Guild Wars 2 was a soothing distraction from my problems and I managed to focus my energy into finishing my in-game long last project. After almost four years of failed attempts and probably hundreds of hours of grinding just to give into temptation and spend the hard earned gold on something else, I finally achieved my goal: my first Guild Wars 2 legendary! Ironically named like a movie I dislike that put some of my favorite supernatural creatures into a light worse than sunlight, Twilight is an epic looking greatsword that reflects into its blade the darkness of the night sky. From the moment I put my eyes on this sword I wanted it and I didn’t give up until one of my characters was wielding it with pride.
                Usually I play MMOs in bursts, but after this achievement and the announcement of Guild Wars 2 Living Story Season 3, I’m going to stick around in the world of Tyria for a while longer.
I'm swinging just to look at the sky!

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