Sunday, July 10, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #88: The monster within!

                This was a week full of shooting. Aside of ARMA 3 and Rainbow Six Siege which are helping me to go through these slightly boring times, this week had more FPS in store for me than usual. Evolve went stage 2 on Thursday switching from its near dead buy to play state that everyone hated to a free to play Beta which people seem to enjoy (more than 40,000 players online). I gave the game a try, something I haven’t done since its Beta, and while many things have been streamlined to accommodate the gameplay for a wider audience I think it’s an enjoyable enough experience with the potential to evolve into something bigger and better. The content is extremely limited with just four maps and one game mode, but the developers are planning to add the revised content of the original game over time in the next weeks and months. It sounds promising and at the first glance it seems like Turtle Rock Studios have learned from the past mistakes.
                 Following Evolve’s relaunch, on Saturday kicked off the second Alpha Test for LawBreakers and I did receive an invitation so I couldn’t miss the chance to check out the upcoming online shooters from Cliffy B. LawBreakers plays much like a I thought it would, like a today’s Unreal Tournament, a fast paced shooter with a high skill cap and entertaining visceral combat with a small focus on team work and a lot of focus on individual play. I felt great playing it, like taking a trip back into the past when my finger joints didn’t have the speed of a 30 years old. I still did good for a guy my age and I feel that lawBreakers is dedicated to gamers of my generation, sadly we just don’t meet the age requirements anymore for gameplay greatness in such a game. Leaving that aside, LawBreakers looked extremely promising and contrary to the popular belief, the game is nothing like Overwatch and shouldn’t share the same market as the target audience and gameplay are quite different.
Praising aside, the thing that really bothered me, but keep in mind it’s an Alpha, was the game’s technical state. LawBreakers looked nothing like in the official trailers or screenshots, the graphics were washed up even on the highest settings and the image was somewhat blurry in an annoying way. I’m not sure if some of the graphic effects were disabled for the Alpha, but I sure hope so, because while the artistic style suits the game’s setting, it wasn’t really backed up by the game’s tech.
                This was a week full of shooting and it won’t stop here.  Apex, ARMA’s 3 first expansion is releasing tomorrow and I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite a while, so it is certain that I will continue to shoot my way through boredom for a while.

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