Monday, July 4, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #87: Painting with Zeds!

                Killing Floor 2 was on my list with the most promising Early Access titles of 2015. While it didn’t get the “crown”, it’s a game I enjoy a lot, testimony for that stand the over 40 hours I put into it so far. Tripwire Interactive has confirmed at E3 that the game is coming out this autumn, which is great news. So, with that in mind and taking advantage of the Double XP and extra loot event that is currently running, I went back for some more gunslinging fun, because nothing can match that!
                The game has progressed nicely since its first days as an Early Access, a few cool maps, new weapons, better visuals, improved AI and an almost complete list of Perks are features that have been delivered. There was the micro-transactions incident that marked a decline in the game’s Steam score and got a lot of players upset, but I didn’t feel affected by that in any way. I get why the fans are mad, but the micro-transactions are not really hurting the game as they are purely cosmetic. One could argue that Killing Floor 2 being still in Early Access shouldn’t get such “cash grab” features, but those art designers that got nothing to do on the game have to eat, right? Probably the most annoying thing about the micro-transactions in KF2 is borrowed from Valve’s games and that is the heavily randomization of the loot crates and I can see that as a turn off, but the game isn’t released yet so there is still time for changes. But enough about this subject, it’s all up for long polemics and arguments that already filled a lot of the game’s forums space.
                If there is something I would like to know right now are the features that will mark the launch of Killing Floor 2, because I’ve done some research and can’t really find anything. Despite its current content, which is rich enough to keep thousands of players entertained, I still feel the game lacks in some aspects. I would really like to see more guns, more maps and why not, more enemy types, basically an improvement in variety since things can get repetitive and sometimes I feel there aren’t enough options. Yet, despite what Killing Floor 2 launch patch will bring, the currently available Early Access build seems like a pretty rounded up game that has enough things to offer for those who want a solid horde mode shooter. On this base, I’m hoping Tripwire won’t get distracted by their newest projects and won’t stop with Killing Floor 2 here, as they have built a solid construction that can easily be extended.
I'm not sadistic, they are pure evil!

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