Friday, June 10, 2016

The vanishing of Nodrim...

                I feel like I owe people some explanations, I don’t really like to give them, but considering the viewers’ activity in the last month reported to the number of articles, I think people deserve to know more.
                It all started with the new job, which is more demanding and time consuming than my old boring job, but that’s not really the determining factor that made me inactive lately. In the past couple of years I’ve been having on and off medical problems related to my respiratory system, problems that have never been treated properly and now have spawned new and more difficulty health issues that got the better of me. In the last three months I’ve been struggling in a sickly state with a treatment that didn’t really cut it to the point where my body didn’t have the strength to continue fighting (run out of stamina...). I’ve been in hospital for a week, taking intravenous treatment to ameliorate my symptoms and I’ll continue with that treatment for at least one more week. It hasn’t been pretty, not at all, and while I kept an active presence on various forums and on Twitter (had to kill the boredom and the dark thoughts), I couldn’t find the strength to write a blog post about it. Maybe because my mood hasn’t been the happiest, I’m quite a realistic guy and that comes with both good and bad perks, so I’m used with some negativistic visions about the future, but things have been way worse now and the future I could picture wasn’t happy. In the end the twistedness of my thoughts lost momentum as I started to feel better, slowly recovering from what have been some of the worst weeks of my life and with that comes a more optimistic view on things. It’s not really a happy ending, as everything comes with a price, and the price I pay is in the form of some chronic diseases that will haunt me for the entirety of my life (come on science, help me out here!), but I’m fully functional and that’s got to count for something (changing the video games industry!!!).
                In retrospective, this short state of affairs article looks like a whining/self-pity letter to the world and that’s the reason I didn’t really want to explain my absence and the lack of content on this blog. But more than enough people are visiting the website daily and that makes me feel guilty of not letting them know.
Things should go back to normal, at some point, or at least I’m hoping they will. As I write this Wolfe is probably already working on describing his emotional brake up with the universe of The Witcher in the game’s latest and last expansion, Blood & Wine. I’m also trying to put some words together, but considering everything that went on lately, I’m having a hard time doing it. But don’t worry, I’ll get back on track and soon I’ll be able to fill countless pages of criticism about over appreciated games.
A reminder for myself!


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