Monday, June 27, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #86: In deep trouble!

                I’ve been on the quest of finding a good action medieval combat system for a long time, but for now I’ll stop searching because I think I found the one with the highest potential. I enjoyed the combat in the Dark Souls series as well as many other games including some MMOs, but I think Exanima has the potential to come above all those games.
                Exanima is an Early Access dungeon crawler and the prologue for the indie RPG Sui Generis Developed on the same engine and the game follows in broad strokes the same mechanics. What makes Exanima so special is its engine which allows for physics based movement and combat, something I’ve been looking forward to see implemented in video games, but nobody seems to take up on the challenge. Exanima combat system is slow paced, a bit clunky and a little unpredictable, which might not sound that great. The controls are weird and the character doesn’t help when he moves like a drunkard, but getting used with all of that is part of the learning process and when you get the hang of it, the combat shows its true amazing colors. Each fight is a challenge and it can end as swiftly as in one swing if not careful. Positioning, timing attacks and being aware of the environment are key factors into overcoming each opponent. The physics game allow for some really spectacular duel scenes with glorious parries and precise counter-attacks which are incredibly satisfying to execute and as lovely to watch. It’s a wonderful feeling to defeat an enemy, a feeling that for me sometimes matched beating a new boss in Dark Souls.
                As an Early Access game Exanima is far from being complete. With only 5 levels available out of the 14 promised, no magic or ranged weapon, a few skills and no NPCs, there is a long way to go. But I’ve never felt so good into supporting a game as I knew I’m supporting innovation, something that the video games industry currently lacks. I’m excited to see how the developers turn this rough diamond into a crown worthy jewelry. And the implementation of an online PvP arena mode it’s exhilarating.
This won't end up well for me...

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