Sunday, June 19, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #85: Back in business?!

                Apparently, certain things in life make it hard to get back to video games even as a dedicated gamer and that’s what I’ve experienced lately. I’ve been throwing money out the window trying to find a game to play, which shouldn’t be the case considering the huge amount of games I already, but everything has been in vain. So I decided to go back to some of my older games which kept me entertained the longest. Guild Wars 2, ARMA 3 and ultimately Rainbow Six Siege are the titles set on getting me out of this depressive game-less pass I’ve been through.
                I’ve been circling back and forth to these games for a long time (a little less with Siege since is younger) and in this time of need they proved to be quite a cure for my problems. My desire for an MMO and the general lack of MMOs prompted my return to Guild Wars 2, while the imminent release for ARMA’s 3 APEX expansion and the E3 footage got me engaged again with this unique shooter. But Rainbow Six Siege is a different story, is more of an entanglement of love and hate towards a game that is so good yet so frustrating that it forces me to stop playing it for a time. Yet, my need of competitive multiplayer made me return and I’m glad I did because the game improved a lot in the last couple of months and while it still has a ton of problems it’s still one of most addictively enjoying games released in years.
                Returning to Siege doesn’t mean just an increasing lust of playing video games, it also marks the reopening of the game’s review, which was 30% complete for a long while, and hopefully with that, my full return to writing on this blog.
I'm ready for ranked!

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  1. dudeee!again i love ur nickname?which part of it represents you better 0 or 1?<3