Sunday, May 29, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #84: Never-ending war!

                It has been a while since I wrote something on the blog. I’ve been so preoccupied with so many things lately that I couldn’t find the time to write any article (not to my standards at least). Things have been rough and they don’t seem to get better despite my attempts, so there isn’t a certainty anymore of when I’ll write next.
                Lately, the little spare time I have I’ve spent playing the newly released Total War Warhammer (poorly chosen name), which is no surprise as I’m a declared lover of the Warhammer and Warhammer 40k materials. The game has received a good number of extremely positive reviews and in my 20 hours spent with the game I have to say they are well deserved (to a degree).
                The game combines the universe of never-ending war that is Warhammer with some of the strategy elements of the Total War franchise. It’s also taking advantage of the series real time combat system which uses file units formations which is the base for every Warhammer’s army. Total War Warhammer has five different campaigns, one for each of the factions available at launch (including Chaos which comes as a DLC…). These campaigns, while mostly follow the same victory rules and are disappointing in terms of storytelling, do have unique elements to distinguish one from another. Each faction has a wide variety of detailed units balanced in a rock-paper-scissors way and a set of unique campaign mechanics that add great replay value. It's a noticeable difference in terms of mechanics, world map strategy, management and especially combat tactics that make each race and thus each campaign worth trying.
There is a great value for money with the game’s content without even taking into consideration the upcoming free DLCs (SEGA giving free DLCs, the End Times are coming!) and the mods that will make the game last years from now. Adding the good performance and probably the most stable Total War launch in a while and Warhammer comes in front as one of the best games in the series, but doesn't do it without problems. The questionable AI combined with some annoying and almost game breaking mechanics and the lack of proper storytelling chip away from the potential greatness.
                Total War Warhammer comes as a good blend of two worlds that meet for the first time, a side step from the historical games to something new and unique. It’s a great change for a franchise that has been going through a monotonous time lately, but it’s reshaping and redefining itself by successfully taking on a new challenge. It’s quite clearl that the new Total War game won’t be liked by all the series fans, but it’s expanding to new horizons and has the chance to capture the attention new players, that haven’t been interested in the franchise before.
For the Empire!

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