Monday, May 2, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #82: Nuclear launch detected!

                Another Screenshot of the Week article coming late, it seems to become a habit, despite me trying to keep up with the schedule. Nevertheless, even if the articles continue to come with a one day delay, the SotW section isn’t going anywhere!
                On 27th April Dreadnought servers went live for the players with Early Access to the CBT. Naturally, as a gamer I took a look at the streams and youtube videos to see how game performs as a it is still under development. I tend to avoid the games focused on grinding to unlock better combat vehicles from a progression tree, especially after the disappointment that was for me Armored Warfare. But curiosity and boredom sometimes gets the better costing me a lot of money each year, money spent on games that I barely play. Anyhow, I bought a Founder’s Pack and jumped into the game and I was pleasantly surprised of its gameplay mechanics.
                At its core Dreadnought works like World of Tanks, Armored Warfare or War Thunder, but it separates itself through a well defined class system and the tactical options provided by a considerable number of abilities.
                Dreadnought is an online skirmish game in which players control of a series of gargantuan ships and take part in tactical 5v5 battles. More than with any other game in the genre, tactics seems to be the emphasis of Dreadnought’s gameplay. Each ship has strengths and weaknesses and a predefined role which makes them effective only if played correctly. The ships are upgradeable, as expected, but the highlight is that each ship comes with a bunch of abilities that can be changed to each player’s liking working as builds per ship class. Putting the ships and their abilities to good use make up for some serious tactical battles in which teamplay and skill come on top over raw power and better upgrades. The slower paced gameplay and the maps layout allow for various strategies including ambushes and despite the resilience of some of the available ships, mistakes can be immediately penalized.
                Dreadnought’s biggest problem at the moment comes from the server’s stability and the small amount of content available in the CBT. But I’m confident it will get better as there is nothing like it on the market and it can easily catch on with the enthusiasts of the genre. And considering the game is a SciFi,  there is no need to worry about the content being historically accurate, imagination being the limit for what the developers can do.
He's in for a world of hurt!

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