Sunday, March 6, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #74: The labyrinth!

                Ascendancy, the second expansion for Path of Exile, was released this week introducing a labyrinth area which adds a rogulike spin to the game. The labyrinth has everything a roguelike entails: randomly generated maps with ever changing challenges, traps and puzzles and the thrill of losing the entire progress on death. This isn’t something that hasn’t been done before in an online game, but suits Path of Exile really well adding diversity to an end game that was pretty straight forward until now.
                The new expansion isn’t perfect lacking in substance, but as it is now Ascendancy is a good reason for old and new players to get back into the game. More importantly, I think it serves as a great platform to expand and better diversify the end game activities giving the players an incentive to continue on older characters rather than just starting new ones all the time.
                Path of Exile like Guild Wars 2 has been my safety game to which I come back to have a good time and enjoy its solid game mechanics for a few weeks before moving on to something new and unfamiliar. Even after all these years (I’ve been around since the CBT phase), every time I return to this game I get sucked into it enjoying what it has to offer. I’ve seen the game grow over the years from an innovative title that was lacking content and was plagued by desync problems to the best Hack & Slash on the market. The new expansion is just another reminder of the gameplay quality of this game that still has an immense potential left. Who knows when I’ll stop playing again, but that’s not important because I’ll return eventually to find Path of Exile an even better game.
I'm going in!

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