Sunday, February 28, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #73: The canvas of fear!

                I said a while ago that I rediscovered my passion for adventure horror games and this weekend I got my hands on Layers of Fear and I had to jump into it as soon as possible.
                Layers of Fear is more of an experience than a game per se. It resembles SOMA greatly through a meticulously tactile gameplay which allows an extensive interaction with the objects in the environment. But unlike SOMA, Layers of Fear gameplay stops at that. There is no running from monsters, no careful sneaking and from what I can tell no way to die. Instead, it’s a rather linear but extremely intense experience which takes place in a shapeshifting house haunted by the past of the protagonist.
                The game does a lot of things right but what struck me while playing it was how well its gameplay would work with the upcoming Virtual Reality technology. The exploratory gameplay of a creepy house which is in a continuous change becoming more terrifying with every step and every change of the camera feels like it’s limited on a static screen. Because of that Layers of Fear could serve as the perfect showcase for how further a certain type of gameplay experience can be intensified through VR.  As I was playing it I felt that every palpitating moment screamed at me for not using a VR headset and it would be a shame if this game won’t receive support for this technology in the future.
                Leaving the VR subject aside, Layers of Fear continues on paving the road of good adventure games that 2016 has in store for us. And looking at what we got to play so far I’m anxious to see what’s next!
Art in its most disturbing form.

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