Sunday, January 10, 2016

Screenshot of the Week #67: Tactical goodness!

                After the recent announcements about Door Kickers 2 I’ve made some time for the game developed by my compatriots and despite knowing what I will get into I was still impressed by what Door Kickers has to offer.
                Door Kickers has a lot of mobile influences in it. A chunky UI, cluncky controls and an unlock system based on score rating are things that we usually see in mobile games. Yet, those influences don’t stop it from achieving tactical greatness.
Door Kickers is the representation of the singleplayer tactical shooters of old. While the tactical shooter franchises died or went into mainstream territory, their influence can still be felt even today. It’s no surprise that the planning phase of older Rainbow Six comes to mind when playing any level in this game. Door Kickers took a lot from those games and adapt it to a top down gameplay that has a lot more to do with tactics and patience and nothing to do with shooting skills. The maps serve as a board for chess-like tactical puzzles that have you toying with every tool that your Special Forces team has in order to find the optimal strategy and the AI doesn’t make things easy.
Door Kickers has a trial and error gameplay that might have you planning for hours just so you can have a few seconds of visual satisfaction as your units perfectly execute your strategy. The feeling of achievement that comes after beating some of the more challenging missions in this game is quite surreal and something I rarely feel nowadays when playing video games.
                The sum of all the good things in this game overpowers the bad things by far. The satisfying tactical gameplay, the limitless options, the challenging levels and the sheer amount of content that can be greatly expanded through mods make Door Kickers a great game. And I’m not afraid to say that I’m a little excited to see what the sequel has to offer (3D graphics sound good!).
It's all about planning!

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