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Things you should know about Rainbow Six Siege!

                I’ve played Siege extensively during its Closed and Open Beta Tests and I genuinely enjoyed it. Now that the game has been released and I’m still playing it a lot I thought it could be of use to write down some of the tricks I’ve learned during all this time to help those just starting off.
                Before kicking off with the meat of this article here’s a summary about the game. Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical team based online FPS with a hide and seek scenario in which one team attacks while the other defends an objective. The two teams involved are of five players each and switch between attack and defense perspective on a round basis.  The game relies on teamwork, tactics, patience, map knowledge and ultimately shooting skills to achieve victory and mastering all these opens up a whole level of competitive gameplay and fun!
But, before reaching that point, here are a few things everyone should know:

1. Complete the Situations and Tutorials

                Rainbow Six: Siege is an online shooter, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you should jump straight to playing it online. Before joining the Casual Matches that are available for everyone since the Clearance level 1, you should first take a look at the Tutorials. There are three Tutorials available and watching each awards 200 Renown (in-game currency) which can be spent on unlocking Operators and customizing their weapons. But the 600 Renown obtained from the Tutorials can buy you one Operator as a beginner and in the worst case everyone needs at least two (one for Attack and one for Defense). For this situation Ubisoft has put at the player’s disposal a series of Situations (pun intended) which serve as a mini-campaign, an extensive tutorial and a good way to get Renown fast.
                Ten out of eleven Situations have 3 secondary objectives each awarding 200 Renown for first time completion (this cumulates to 6000 plus the Renown gained from match performance). Even if you don’t have the time or patience to complete all these objectives, it’s pretty easy to grab a good chunk of Renown to unlock more Operators and upgrade their weapons by going through all these small missions.
By watching the Tutorials and playing the Situations you can solidify your Operators diversity and avoid rounds where you got no Operator available to pick and have to play as a Recruit (a blank Operator with customizable loadout but no special gadget).
I'm a completionist!

2. Progress the way you want

                For a game that seems designed to be competitive having a progression system based on unlocks seems rather odd, but don’t worry, Rainbow Six Siege has the best unlocking system that I’ve seen in recent online shooters. You are able to unlock any Operator or weapon upgrade at any time as long as you have the Renown required. This way you don’t have to go through a tiresome number of futile unlocks until you reach the desired one.
Finally a good unlocks system!

3. Know your Operator

                You picked an Operator but this doesn’t mean you have to go straight to a match with him. Read about your unlocked Operator, understand their special ability and find the most suitable loadout. Even after knowing the theoretical basis of your Operator, a process of trial and error will follow which will give you a better understanding of its capabilities and shape your play style with it. Each Operator is unique and while some might play similarly, their versatility stands in the weapons loadout and the special ability which is balanced in a rock, paper, scissors fashion.
This weapon!
Overpowered special ability!

4. The preparation phase sets the tone

                The preparation phase occurs at the beginning of each round when each team has to do something specific to gain an advantage for the upcoming battle. The Attackers use drones to scout around the building to find the objectives, indentify the enemy Operators and take a close look at their installed defenses. The Defenders have to install defensive systems, reinforce walls and stop the Attackers drones by destroying them preferably before they gather any information.
                 As an Attacker, knowing the position of your enemy and the layout of their defense gives a huge tactical advantage making the breaching much easier. As a Defender, keeping the enemy in the dark buys you time and makes the enemy susceptible to mistakes that could be quickly penalized.
                The Preparation phase is a mini-game of hide and seek that sets the tone for the entire round and can even decide a winner before the round has begun.
You can't hide from me!
Late preparations.

5. Communication is key

                It goes without saying that a tactical team based game requires communication, but I’m going to say it anyway: Rainbow Six Siege is a game that requires serious and accurate communication between teammates!
                The game lacks any feature that could help the players with some preset vocal commands that would make the other players aware of your actions, so it could be said that a working microphone is mandatory.  Having your team mates informed on your actions and everything that you see is crucial, so don’t be shy and get those microphones going because coordination is important and if you don’t do it the enemy team might and their chances of winning will be increased significantly.
                And while on the subject, be civil and try to use English when talking through the in-game VOIP. There are so many (free) voice chat programs that you can use with your friends to talk in your native language, what’s the point of doing it in a match so that the entire team can hear you and be distracted by a language they don’t understand.

6. Headset gives you wallhack

                I’m moving on from communication to the remotely close subject of sound. The sound design in Rainbow Six Siege is pretty good, its high technical quality serves as an important game mechanic. Everything can be heard through the tin wall of this game’s maps and being able to pin point the direction of the incoming enemy by using sound is great if you want to set up an ambush or generally prepare for their arrival. Headsets are as mandatory as a microphone and they usually come together, so make sure your sound settings are good and listen because the enemy footsteps are working in your favor.

7. Take advantage of physics gimmicks

                There are many features that make Rainbow Six Siege special, but the physics that lead to spectacular destruction of terrain is probably the most attractive one, but this feature has a bigger role than being eye candy.
The physics serve as a tactical feature, shaping strategies based on the destruction that occurs in the heat of the battle or the destruction forced in by the player. In a game that relies so much on hiding behind cover, having the ability to destroy much of the existing cover changes everything. Physics is forcing the players to continuously adapt to new situations and make every round different from the last.
                Both the Attackers and the Defenders should take advantage of the destruction, either by breaching new ways into a building for the former or making small holes to shoot from for the latter. The options are limitless and the players should always be aware of the game’s ever changing landscape.
I'm patiently waiting for my prey.

8. This is not your mild shooter

                As much as the veterans of online shooters of any kind want to believe, Siege is not a common shooter by any stretch of the imagination. From its core mechanics to its finest details, Siege plays differently than most of the games in its genre including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a shooter to which it was associated the most. Because of this it’s good to dive into Siege with an open mind without any preconceptions of gameplay and behaviors that were useful in other games. Running and gunning, shooting without the help of iron sights or not taking advantage of the lean system are just a small number of mistakes that will get you killed when facing an enemy that understands how Siege should be played. It’s a game of patience so try to be so, because there’s enough fun to have even without constant mayhem.

9. There is no room for lone wolves

                In Siege guns can one shoot you and in the luckiest case they get you in a down state which without the help of a teammate means you are dead. It’s better to stick together at a medium distance and attack as a team than going alone in search for glory. Lone Wolves might surprise the enemies at times and turn the tide with a moment of brilliant shooting, but in the majority of cases team playing wins the game.

10. What to do after you die

                This is not a philosophical question about the possibility of life after death, but it’s related to a game mechanic that allows the players who died in combat to be helpful to their remaining teammates. The dead players can access their teammate’s position of view, but most importantly they can access surveillance devices. The dead Attackers can look through the abandoned drones while the Defenders can check the strategically placed cameras around the map. Through these surveillance devices the dead players watch the areas keeping their enemy informed about any enemy activity and they can even mark the position of the enemies passing by. Overlooking the areas through these devices can be done while alive as well, but when you are dead there is no pressure that someone might jump in and kill you while you use these devices. So if you are dead, don’t AFK or watch your teammates, help them instead!
                While on this subject, always remember that you can deny the help the enemy team can receive from dead players by destroying the drones or the cameras.
Guiding my teammates.
Blinding the electronic eye.

                Siege is a pretty complex game despite feeling small in terms of content. In every match new things could happen that will increase your understanding of the game. But before that, these tips and tricks are useful and will make the leap into this game much easier.


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