Sunday, December 6, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #62: Only in the Weird West!

                December is here, the busiest month of the year for me. I’m currently working on 5-6 articles about the upcoming games in 2016, a small guide and most importantly I’m revising the list of all the video games I’ve played this year for my article about the best and the worst games of 2016. If I have time left for reviews, which I doubt, I’ll write some of those as well.
                Rainbow Six Siege got released this week and obviously it stole most of my attention as I was already pretty captivated by the game after the Beta tests. But because Siege wasn’t enough, the latest (and controversial) patch for Killing Floor 2 got came this week as well and besides the usual bugs fixing, the infamous cash shop and 2 new maps, the patch also introduced the new Perk: Gunslinger. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this before but I’m fascinated by gunslingers and fighting using pistols in video games so I couldn’t resist the temptation of trying this patch out. What I can say so far is that the Gunslinger is absolutely amazing.  With a great feeling, responsive control, awesome animations and some solid aiming skills required, the gunslinger makes killing Zeds an absolute pleasure.
                Speaking about gunslingers and pistols, I’ve been trying my luck again in the Weird West progressing my way through Hard West. The game is hard, I can’t give it that, but I’m still mad that the immersion is ruined by the story being split between multiple scenarios which don’t even save the character progression when moving from one to another.
As a tactical game with turn based combat Hard West does pretty well and wins points for a setting rarely seen in video games. But there is room for so much more and I’m saddened by the missed opportunity. Nevertheless, I’m going to keep playing so I can see the story’s conclusion and who knows, maybe even write a review about it (the game is currently in my reviews queue).

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