Sunday, October 25, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #58: Gliding Madness!

               Installing and testing new hardware and playing Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns like a maniac, this was my end of the weekend.
As I was expecting, with the release of Guild Wars 2 expansion everything will be put on hold. This week’s announcement about the game getting an action camera (I’ve been waiting for this since release) my interested in the expansion peaked and I dived into the game with much enthusiasm.
Heart of Thorns retains the progression style that was added with the Living Story Season 2 with instanced story missions and big open world maps filled with events and exploration attractions. It’s probably the better choice over the original progression which had lots of map objectives (the infamous hearts). The downside of this progression style comes from the fact that it’s extremely group focused and going solo can be problematic if not impossible.
The new areas are beautiful (except for the 3rd which is an actual nightmare) despite being extremely verticalized to befit the new (awesome!) glider mechanic. The glider allows hovering over large open spaces in order to explore some hard to reach areas.The whole expansion is designed with the glider mechanic in mind and while the gameplay feels a little like that of an arcade platformer the benefits this brings to the exploration feeling makes it worth it.
               There is much more to this expansion than experiencing the new story, exploring the new areas and having fun with the glider. The PvP, both WvW and Structered PvP, has received new content, numerous tweaks and a league system will be released soon. The PvE content has been increased with “end game” activities including raids (!!), a revamped Fractals system and additional legendary items. Overall, there are a lot of new things to do in Heart of Thorns and considering the constant free updates that ArenaNet provides and the fact that the base game is free to play, the future of Guild Wars 2 feels secured.
               Guild Wars 2 will clearly be my primary focus for the next weeks (if not months), but I’m not sure if I’ll get to write a review about this expansion anytime soon (or ever).
If only we knew what horrors waits for us down there...

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