Sunday, October 18, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #57: Surprise attack!

                I thought October will be a much easier month than September, but I was wrong. The games start to pile up in my queue and despite being two people working on articles, it’s not enough. I still have an article in the works from September and more games waiting to be reviewed.
                I got my hands on Secret Ponchos which is a pretty cool twin stick shooter with an almost desolated online scene despite the fact that it deserves better. I’m also grinding my way to Leopard 2A5 in Armored Warfare while preparing my Guild Wars 2 characters for the Heart of Thorns expansion which is release this Friday (let’s see you ArenaNet!). But this is not all!
                I’ve got access to Sword Coast Legends, which I’ve been anxiously waiting for since it was first announced. It’s been ages since I tasted a Dungeons and Dragons RPG and Pillars of Eternity really increased my appetite for them. I’m not sure what’s the deal with the license for DnD games, I know the situation is quite complicated, but I’m really glad a new title made it through and it’s not an MMO.
I haven’t had the time to play much, but from what I’ve experienced so far Sword Coast Legends is a pretty hard game. I should have expected a challenge from the highest difficulty setting, but at the first glance it seems much more difficult than the other RPGs I’ve played this year. It forced me to come with some really crazy tactics just to win what looked like some banal fights. This difficulty reminds me of the beginning area in Divinity: Original Sin, but unlike Divinity I hope Sword Coast Legends will keep up this difficulty for the entire campaign.
Another thing that I noticed is that DnD changed a lot. I haven’t kept track with the rules after Mask of the Betrayer, but they seem much more streamlined than they used to be and maybe I’m a bit old school but I prefer the older style.
                So far the game looks promising, but I haven’t dived deep enough to make a general opinion and as usual I’m going to save the rest for my review. The press embargo lifts Monday at midnight, but there is no chance I will finish the game and write the review that fast (I’m still working on the Satellite Reign article…). But a review is to be expected in the closest future.
Come here!

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