Monday, October 12, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #56: Embrace the Dark Side!

                Another Beta test is about to end and it helped me tremendously to form an impression about the upcoming release from EA DICE: Star Wars Battlefront.
Battlefront Beta test was a lot smoother than Siege’s. I had little to no problems related to the servers and the game runs smoothly and it’s pretty fleshed out. But this was to be expected considering the release date is quite close. The big difference between Battlefront and Siege is that the latter kept me hooked for the entire testing period despite the unstable servers and problematic matchmaking, while Battlefront needed a lot more time and a solid party to get me going.
                Star Wars Battlefront is a fast paced shooter which allows little time to think about tactics as you have to blast your way through enemies until your laser weapons is about to melt. It’s something different than I expected from this series reboot and DICE, but in a way it’s understandable. Getting into the game was hard as it didn’t enthrall me as a Star Wars game should but it became more fun as I played it a little more and got my hands on some cool unlocks better suited for my play style, but still wasn’t as captivating as I was expecting (wanting) it to be.
What bothered me the most is the obvious attempt from the developers to hide the fact that Battlefront is something else than it actually is hurting the game in this process. There are some questionable gameplay mechanics that have inexplicitly made their way into the game instead of the features that made the original titles great.
As usual, I will go in more details in my upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Beta impressions.
Luke, come to your father!

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