Monday, October 5, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #55: Fulton paradise!

                This article comes with a delay because I had a very busy weekend and I’ve put all my energy into finishing the Rainbow Six Siege Beta article in time.
There isn’t much I can say at the moment as the beginning of October seems a little slow and even if later this month there will be some interesting releases I don’t know how many of them I would cover. I’m thinking about returning to some older articles that I had frozen a while back, but this also means I’ll have to revisit some older games as well. Even if I don’t know yet what games I will cover from this month, the articles I’ve promised about Shadowrun: Hong Kong and Satellite Reign are on the way and should be coming very soon (I bet I’ve said this before).
                With Rainbow Siege Beta over, I’m turning my focus onto Star Wars Battlefront which enters Open Beta on October 8. I’ll be giving the game some attention so I can form a serious opinion about it before I decide if it’s worth purchasing at release. Also, Armored Warfare Early Access Open Beta started on October 1st and the game will be available for everyone on the same day as Battlefront.
                As a tank’s enthusiast (and an Obsidian fan) I’ve been waiting for the game’s full release for a long time and I’m glad I get to play it without my progress being in danger to be wiped after each stress/early access test as it has been in the months before. It’s a grindy experience that I don’t recommend to those that don’t have the time and patience for such things, but for me, having the chance to play with Leopard 2A5/A6/A7 is all I need to get me going.
In its current state Armored Warfare is in pretty good shape and it will get constantly updated. The game doesn’t have an end game yet, mostly because the time after release for these games is a farming phase more than anything else, but I’m hoping in the future we will get some competitive modes. Also, as the game has a background story, I’m hoping that in the future Obsidian Entertainment will add a campaign to it because that would be extremely cool and rather unique for this skirmish battles with tanks sub-genre.
We can dream big about Armored Warfare and it’s quite clear that its potential is huge, but the game has to be successful first before bigger features will be added and the market is currently under World of Tanks monopoly. Time will tell if Obsidian innovations and their ear open for the community’s feedback will be enough to push back the current tyrant.
My Mother Base and FOB will get huge if I could steal all them!

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