Sunday, September 27, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #54: Neon madness!

                The months of August and September were dominated by singleplayer games, but the end of the year belongs to the competitive online games and Rainbow Six Siege Beta which started this week comes to remind us about the upcoming (e-peen) madness.
                I’ve got my key (late but better so than never) to join the Rainbow Six Siege Beta and I’ve formed my opinion about the game. It has the fun and fast but tactical gameplay that could be great for a competitive shooter, but feels a little skimpy on content. The game is in pretty good shape as it is in the Beta with the obvious stability issues and some minor things that can easily be fixed before the launch. The worrisome problems are those related to the netcode which is quite skimpy and the dedicated servers whose existence remains a mystery.
All in all it looks like a good multiplayer title. But knowing Ubisoft’s track record, what will happen to this game at launch and after that it’s in their hands.
                One Beta test for an online game is not what’s taking the end of the year by force. The Beta test for Star Wars Battlefront starts on October 8 followed by Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns release with its new ranked PvP system on October 23. Somewhere in between is going to be the Open Beta for Armored Warfare, which basically means a release to the public.
November is the month that will put an end to the Starcraft saga with Legacy of the Void while revitalizing the online part of the game with new units and the Archon mode (for the players like me with low APM). While in December Rainbow Six Siege and Star Wars Battlefront will compete in sales and probably for the title of the best shooter of this year (a year with very few FPS games). The list is big and I'm pretty sure I missed a few games.
                Naturally, I mentioned all these games because I’m interested in playing them and hopefully I’ll manage to taste all of them and choose the ones I’ll stick with for a while (as always, I get bored by online games rather fast lately). Meanwhile, I’ve spent my time beating Satellite Reign which was an enjoyable game which (sadly) feels rushed to an earlier than needed release date. But I’ll talk about it in detail in my upcoming review.

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