Sunday, September 13, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #52: In your face!

                I’m almost ready to put The Phantom Pain behind me. I’m done with the review, I’m just waiting for the editing. Yet, somehow, after I finished the game I still invested 40 more hours into it. Either by completing the repetitive Side Ops by approaching them in different ways than my usual playstyle or doing some FOB matches, the game still had something to offer. It has been a while since video games actually innovated in terms of gameplay mechanics and in this case they are so advanced and detailed that I’m having a hard time to let go.
Just because I’m having a blast playing the game doesn’t mean I’m not bothered by its flaws. As it turned out the history repeats itself and the score that The Phantom Pain got doesn’t really reflect the game’s overall quality. I think giving it a 10/10 is a huge overstatement and completely misguiding. I will fully detail the problems of the game in my review (which btw is the biggest yet) so there is no point in repeating myself here.
                Now I’m slowly moving on to new games. The next one on my list being Armello, which is a cute board game set in a fantasy world and focused on multiplayer battles. The game is interesting and considering there aren’t many high quality video games inspired by board games it comes as a breath of fresh air and I think I’m going to enjoy my time with it, especially since I love board games (too bad I don’t have time for them anymore).
My retaliation is complete!

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