Sunday, August 30, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #50: Welcome to the Matrix!

                It has been a very busy week and things will only get busier from now on. I started this week with Shadowrun: Hong Kong, which then I put aside to play STASIS as I got pre-release press copy and I wanted to write a review as soon as possible. I did manage to achieve my goal so now I’ll go back to playing Shadowrun: Hong Kong until MGS V: The Phantom Pain gets released next week (I’m a little hyped).
I’m getting overwhelmed by so many releases and as a solo writer I’m having a hard time dealing with all the games I want to play and write about. Because of this I have to constantly postpone articles and some reviews don’t even make it even if they are in more than just a concept phase (I have a This War of Mine review half finished for 8-9 months now).
                I won’t go on mentioning details about STASIS since the review is fresh, but I’ll say a few things about Shadowrun: Hong Kong. For those who didn’t play any of the previous Shadowrun games that got released in the recent years, this one is a good place as any to start because it doesn’t tie up with the previous titles. The game follows the same traits as the previous one, using the same combat system and, overall, the same game mechanics. There are few notable changes, the biggest of them being the Matrix which is now a combination of sneaking and puzzles solving with combat being the last resort. Another change is related to the missions, which seem more varied in terms of goals and how they can be accomplished. It feels familiar for those who played Return or Hong Kong, but it does separate itself through a new story and a new set of characters, but it is too early in the game for me to say how good they are. I’ll let you know in my review.
I'm training my sneaking skills!

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