Sunday, August 23, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #49: A dangerous slide!

                The end of August is coming and the new releases are piling up. Shadowrun: Hong Kong and Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power got released this week and there are more to come.
                I’ve been playing a little The Swindle, which for me is more like battling than actual playing because I’m terrible at it. The Swindle is a combination of stealth and rogue-like which in theory should be right up my alley, but in really is not even close. The player takes control of a burglar (but not always the same burglar because they die instantly), which has 100 days to stop Scotland Yard from activating an AI that has absolute surveillance capabilities (Hmm… Where did I hear about this before?). During these 100 days, which also represent the number of attempts available to beat the game, the player has to steal tones of cash to upgrade the burglar’s tools and stop this madness from happening (I’ll never make it…).
                The Swindle is quite a neat indie game that takes a different approach on the stealth genre by focusing on procedurally generated content instead of having the players repeat a level until they execute it perfectly. I wish I was a natural at this game because it’s quite lovely, but my somewhat limited patience combined with keyboard only controls (it does have full support for controllers) don’t mix well. Still, between my many failed attempts and a few nervous breakdowns I had fun with the game.

                Now that I’m done with the review for Magic Duels, I moved on to a new review which goes side by side with me playing the game for it. If I’m done with the game at the beginning of the next week, the review should be up the following weekend.

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