Sunday, July 19, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #47: Duping?!

                I finished Kholat and it was an interesting experience with many heart racing moments. After playing it I realized that I still enjoy horror games, even if I got more intense as a person over the years.
                I haven’t done anything outside the usual, other than playing Kholat. I’m sharing my gaming time between Path of Exile (got my first good item this week!), Skyforge (grind, grind, grind) and Heroes of the Storm. The rest of July is probably going to be quiet, but things will start to speed up in August when Satellite Reign and hopefully Shadowrun: Hong Kong are going to be released. September is going to be a full month as well with MGS V: Phantom Pain and the long awaited Act of Aggression.
I’m going to play all these games and I’m going to try covering them in my articles in a way or another.
Thicket Bow, anyone?!

                I’m not sure what my articles will be about in the upcoming weeks. Maybe I’ll take a look over some of my unreleased pieces and finish them or take a short break.

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