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The list of games I’ll keep an eye out for after E3 Part I

                E3 is over and it was as full of hyping material and deceit as always, if not more than before. But I’m a gamer, so I had to let myself a little carried away so that I can still have video games to wait for in the future. I put together a list of the games that I started to follow after this year’s E3.
Please be advised that this list is based on my preferences in video games and it is subjective.

Hush: Into Darkness

Hush: Into Darkness is an action adventure with horror elements inspired by childhood nightmares. The protagonist, a little girl by the name of Ashlyn,  is locked in an abandoned orphanage and searches for her way out.
The creepy setting combined with the 3D isometric graphics with gritty art style and what sounds like an amazing sound track are enough for me to follow this game’s development and see how it turns out.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

                The End Times is the prophesized apocalypse that would bring the Warhammer world to an end. Fatshark, the studio behind War of the Roses (and Vikings) is creating a Warhammer game set during this apocalyptic event.
                End Times- Vermintide is a cooperative first person action game featuring the Skaven (ratmen) as the enemy.  To fight the vermin’s invasion the players will have the possibility to choose from five distinct characters, each with their own story and agenda and band together in groups of up to four to face the apocalypse together.
The combat is a combination of melee and ranged weapons (I’ve seen no magic) and from the video at E3 the combat system gave me a great Dark Messiah of Might and Magic vibe.
The loot system will reward teamwork and respect the Warhammer lore and the developers promise over 100 unique items to choose from.
                While Vermintide is a co-op game, it doesn’t lack the story aspect and with the help of Games Workshop veterans it will offer a new perspective on the events of The End Times.
                There is an explosion of Warhammer video games, from both the sci-fi and fantasy setting. Some of these games look quite promising and Vermintide is one of them.

Shadow Warrior 2

                The Shadow Warrior (2013) reboot to the 1997 cult classic was a bit of a letdown. The combat was entertaining for a while and the jokes were hilarious, but the receptivity and the linearity of the levels made it fade away fast.
                The sequel to the reboot brings quite a bit of change. The story takes place 5 years after the events in the first game in a time when demons and humans live together. The protagonist Lo Wang returns to save the world again, but this time around he is not alone as the game has a built in four players co-op. Another big change to the game stands in the level design. The game world is procedurally generated offering wider areas and multiple pathways to get things done.
To fight the new demons that roam the world, the arsenal had to be expanded and now we will have access to demonic firearms, claw weapons and we can dual wield swords for an increased level of gore and fun.
The graphics have received a huge upgrade from the washed up textures of the 2013 game and the physics look amazing.
                Shadow Warrior 2 looks extremely fun and quite promising and I love the idea of co-op play and I think it fits right into the setting and action of this game.


                Platformers aren’t really my style, but I can’t say no when I see an interesting game from this genre and such is the case with Unravel.
Unravel is an adorable puzzle-platformer that caught my attention from the first moment I saw it. The protagonist is a doll made of red yarn by the name of Yarny, who’s on a quest to put back together the pieces of people lives. Yarny will use yarn to solve puzzles and advance through difficult locations to reach his mission goal.
                Unravel is a heartwarming game with a quirky protagonist that is worth the attention of more than the platformer genre fans.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

                I play Guild Wars 2 from time to time, so I take interest in this expansion as it promises to change many of the more unappealing features and mechanics of the game while adding a tone of new ones. At E3 ArenaNet showed a new trailer revealing the highly anticipated Guild Halls which look pretty cool. Even if the combat system won’t receive the key changes that I think it requires, it seems that the game is on the right track. The expansion is now available for pre-order in a pack that includes the original game as well and with a price tag of 50 euros for the standard edition.

Dishonored 2

                Dishonored had great potential with its hybrid gameplay taking elements from multiple genres, but it didn’t deliver on story and graphics (even though it didn’t lack artistic style).But it was enjoyable up to the point where the difficulty balance was completely broken and the game mechanics couldn’t cover for the lack of a more intricate and nonlinear story.
                Dishonored 2 was announced at this year’s  E3 with a twist, the players can choose to play with Emily Kaldwin, the heir to throne, or Corvo, the protagonist of the original game.  The story takes place 15 years after Dishonored in a time when the throne of the Empire was usurped by an otherworldly being. Equipped with powers granted by the Outsider, the chosen character will fight to find a way to restore Emily to the throne.
The game is going to follow the same mechanics as the previous title, focusing on a mix of combat and stealth.
                I liked Dishonored and I hope Arkane Studios learned from their mistakes so they can turn Dishonored 2 in a better game with much more rounded up features.


                Eitr is an isometric action RPG where Diablo meets Dark Souls in a Norse mythology setting. The protagonist is a Shield Maiden whose quest is to restore the light of Yggdrasil after it disappeared because of Loki’s villainous actions.
                Eitr combines the action oriented gameplay of Hack & Slash games with a combat system similar to Dark Souls. Blocking, dodging, switching between weapons fit for the situation and timing the attacks will be required to succeed or at least that’s what I’ve got from the game’s trailer.
One thing that should be noted about this title is the retro 2D pixelated graphics. I’m one that always want more from the technological part of video games (and we always get less), but I never back away from 2D retro style games or any other kind of 2D. There is great value in artistic design for many of these games and I appreciate that immensely.
                Video games fully inspired by the Norse Mythology are not something that we see often and not many of them are worth playing. Eitr has a chance to do some good especially now when the TV series Vikings is so popular and keeps fresh into people’s mind this historical and mythological theme.

ARMA 3 Expansion Pack

                I’m a big fan of ARMA 3’ multiplayer and somehow I managed to tolerate this game’s problems for a long time. The launch of DirectX 12 should help with the optimization, according to the developers, which would be a big step in fixing this game, because when the optimization is done only the annoying bugs and glitches are left to deal with.
                It was a known fact that ARMA 3 will receive at least one expansion and it will come after the Season Pass DLCs are complete. At first it was said that the expansion will be launched in 2015, but now the release is going to be sometime in the first half of 2016.
                At E3 Bohemia Interactive had a video showing the new location where the action in the expansion takes place. The new area is called Tanoa and is an archipelago in the South Pacific with a land mass of 100km2. This archipelago looks much livelier than Stratis and Altis, with lush tropical forests, unique landmarks and its own history.
On top of the new beautiful land, the expansion will provide new playable content, gear, weapons, attachments, vehicles and more.
                There was no actual gameplay footage shown, but those who play ARMA 3 know what to expect. This expansion seems like a good change in scenery for a game that I played to death in multiplayer and I’m looking forward to it.

To be continued...


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