Sunday, June 28, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #44: Blur!

                After the servers wipe that took place this week the ARK adventure is over. The characters level was kept, but losing the base and the tamed dinosaurs was too much. So I decided to put the game on hold until release. Too bad this happened, because I really wanted to play more (a lot more!).
                Batman: Arkham Knight was released this week and it’s as messy as a console port can get. The game is locked at 30fps and sometimes barely gets to 30fps (…). There are a lot of missing graphics options, including high quality textures and ambient occlusion. There is no disable option for depth of field or a slider for motion blur. Apparently the game was ported by a studio of twelve people.
The sad part about this is that the game is really good. The gameplay is addictive and the story brings together so many characters of the Batman universe. I really hate playing at 30fps, it is tiring and annoying, but this game made me do that.
Warner Bros. has withdrawn the PC version from most of the official stores and Rocksteady Studios is working on fixes for the game’s terrible problems. It is a little too late as they should have checked the game’s state before releasing it on PC. Maybe they’ll learn a lesson from this (and not only them), especially after the amount of refunds that has been filled with Steam or GMG (quite many I presume).
Try to guess what's going on here...

                I’m not working on any specific article at the moment, but I’ll probably get to work on Batman: Arkham Knight and Kholat as soon as I’m done with them.

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