Sunday, June 14, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #42: The base!

                This article comes late because I was busy today with my The Witcher 3 review and didn’t have a screenshot to show until now.
                Two noticeable things happened this week. First the Steam Summer sale has begun on June 11. As usual, most of the games are on sale with a small discount. But the notable discounts are in the Daily Deals and Flash Sales. The Daily Deals update every 24 hours and last for 48 hours. The Flash Sales update every 12 hours and last for 24 hours. So keep your eyes open, maybe you will find something interesting to purchase and play.
The second important thing that happen this week and for me it overshadows everything in the gaming industry is the fact that Chris Avellone left Obsidian Entertainment to follow new projects, no details given. There are many speculations, one of them being that Chris will join Brian Fargo’s inXile to work on the Van Buren project (the ex-Fallout 3). But this seems unlikely, because he did a lot of work for inXile (Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera) as an Obsidian employee and could have done the same now. My guess is he will either join Bethesda to work on the upcoming Fallout 4 or maybe he will go to EA Bioware to work on the new Mass Effect title and the future Star Wars games.
                I bought ARK: Survival Evolved this week to check out why people go so crazy for this game. I can say I have this game for three or four days and I’ve already spent one of them in it. It is like a 3D Don’t Starve but with multiplayer and set in a world full of dinosaurs and other gigantic creatures. The game has enough PvP and PvE content to keep the players entertained for weeks and the difficulty level is balanced enough to make things challenging. The game receives constant updates (like four or five only this week), adding new content and fixing various issues. Aside of the optimization problems, the graphic glitches and the lag, ARK is a great Early Access experience and I recommend it to the fans of the survival genre.
Immortalizing this with a screenshot before bandits come and destroy it...

                The Witcher 3 review is done. It took me longer than I expected and it was quite exhausting. I can’t say that I’m satisfied with the end result, the review misses something and I can’t see what. But such is amateurish writing.
                Recently I’ve received a copy of Kholad, an adventure horror game, and I’m planning to play it in the upcoming week and write a review about it when I’m done.

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