Sunday, June 7, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #41: Allegiance!

                The Powerplay update for Elite Dangerous was released this week adding the struggle for galaxy dominance with a new missions system, new ships and many gameplay improvements. I resumed my job as a bounty hunter and I’m working to get enough credits in order to buy the new Vulture ship. The Vulture is basically a mid-priced fighting ship equipped with 2 heavy hardpoints for weapons, the perfect upgrade from my Viper MK III. I pledged my allegiance for Felicia Winters from the Federation faction. She is already the first place in the battle for power, but I made my choice based on her political interests and her way of dealing with problems.
                This week I bought Total War: Attila since I had a craving for a strategy game and I haven’t played a Total War game in ages. The series is way more complex than it used to be and I like this, but it is quite hard to start over with this amount of information, so I’m taking my time with the game (Heroes of the Storm interferes a lot with this). But by the time Total War: Warhammer will be released I will master it!
My leader!

                I’m having troubles writing right now so I’m progressing slowly with my review for The Witcher 3. It will probably take one more week to finish it and my editor won’t help me (he’s playing the game and doesn’t want to know my opinion about it right now) so I will have to rely on someone else for this article.

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