Sunday, May 17, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #38: RUN!

                One day and four hours until The Witcher 3 launches and while I should be excited about the release I’m more impatient for the moment of truth. Tuesday morning we will finally find out the truth about this game.
                While waiting for The Witcher 3 I’ve been playing the current “usual” games for me: Payday 2, Heroes of the Storm and Guild Wars 2. I also started a new game of Don’t Starve Together with a friend, to check out the progress of the game in the last six months.
Don’t Starve Together is still fun and much more challenging than it used to be, mostly because many of the bosses and challenges of Reign of Giants have been introduced in the game. In June all the owners of Don’t Starve will receive the Together version for free, but the game will still stay in Early Access for a while since not all the features have been introduced (slow development).
Panic mode!!!

                This Saturday’s article about false advertisement was a blast, it had lots of views and comments (even if many of them were trolling posts) and I’m glad. I think I’ve hit the nail in the head regarding this issue and hopefully raised some awareness about it since this problem persists mostly because we, the customers, allow it through our actions (avoid preorders!).
                Next week Heroes of the Storm enters Open Beta and I have an article in work for the game. After that I will take a break trying to beat The Witcher 3 so I can write my detailed review about it.

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