Sunday, May 10, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #37: Loading hell...

                This weekend I went to East European Comic Con which was held in Bucharest, my hometown. I’ve seen some pretty cool and nerdy things there and I even wrote a short article mostly to show the pictures I’ve taken from this event.
                I haven’t spent much time playing video games this week. I played some Heroes of the Storm matches to prepare for the two upcoming heroes, Kael’thas and Johanna (a crusader from the Diablo universe). The game doesn’t attract me as much as it used to, it is still fun to play with friends.
                I purchased Payday 2 yesterday after playing the demo on Friday (yes, this game has a demo version!) and I think I will play it for a while. The game has well designed and challenging missions and the shooting is pretty awesome plus the money farming keeps me a little hooked as I want to buy more gear. Payday 2 has an obscene amount of DLCs, but most of them are weapons and all kind of cosmetic stuff with a few heists which can be played even without owning the DLCs by joining someone else’s session. Overall, Payday 2 is a pretty fun game and even after two years from release is still quite popular.
                I have been trying to play some more GTA V Online, but it seems like an uphill battle. The number of loading screens combined with connectivity problems and many other issues got me tired of the game already. I did buy it for the Online component and I didn’t get to enjoy as much as I wanted to which is very disappointing. I doubt Rockstar will fix all these issues because they are most likely engine limitations or part of the game design and the gamers accept them anyway (apparently nowadays we accept anything).
Isometric GTA V...

                This week I posted my beginner’s guide for Killing Floor 2 and while I wanted to write a review about the Early Access version of the game I think I will postpone it until the game receives more content. A new map has already been presented and it looks great, the people at Tripwire are definitely on the right track with this game.
                I’m currently working on more articles which I won’t name, but I’m trying to bank up a few for The Witcher 3 release since I won’t have much time to write then (assuming I’ll like the game).

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