Sunday, April 26, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #35: Only in GTA V!

                This was a week full of expenditures. I decided in the end to get GTA V, mostly for the online component, so I bought it at the beginning of this week, then Killing Floor 2 Early access came on Tuesday and I couldn’t say no to that!
                GTA V is better than I expected, still I feel the game is overhyped, there are plenty of annoying problems and questionable game mechanics to drag down the game. The online mode could be better and it feels clunky with an odd grouping system and an extremely annoying number of loading screens (almost everything you do adds a loading screen!). Some of the problems are questionable design choices or probably engine limitations and I doubt they will get fixed. But even despite these issues, GTA V is fun and offers a lot of gameplay options to satisfy almost every type of gamer.
                Killing Floor 2 Early Access is quite amazing. The game is extremely polished for a testing phase and the only thing it lacks is content. The leaps made by Tripwire Interactive with their new title are visible and the game is a true sequel. The gory and satisfying combat with awesome animations and brutal physics is a total delight. The enhanced AI makes the game extremely challenging on higher difficulties and requires a lot of teamwork. When updates and mods will start to pour in, the replay value of this game will be sky high.
A normal day!

                I posted another review this week and there are more to come. I’m working on two articles about Killing Floor 2, one being an Early Access review and the other is a small beginner’s guide. At least one of them will be posted in the upcoming week, maybe both, if things go well.
                I’ve posted my Pillars of Eternity Review on reddit and things went better than I expected, I got some comments and tones of views. I did avoid reddit in the past because I tried to post there and it was unsuccessful, but I’m reconsidering this for future articles.
                The Witcher 3 release is closing in and I’m trying hard to post as much as possible (without diminishing the quality) so I can take a few days off from writing articles (and work) to beat the game and write a in depth review about it.

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