Sunday, April 12, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #33: Acrophobia!

                After finishing Pillars of Eternity I find it hard to get started with another game. Strangely, I feel exhausted at the moment and there is not much that I want to play right now.
I’m continuing some casual Guild Wars 2 farming and trying to beat the singleplayer campaign of ARMA 3 (which is extremely frustrating due to the annoying AI), but not much else going on.
Soon there will be a public testing for Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion and I might participate to check out some of the new features, but for some reason I’m not that excited about this, even if I’m impatiently waiting for the release of this expansion (I think I’m getting old). Probably I should take a short break from gaming as it seems a burnout is taking over me.
                GTA V is releasing in less than two days, but I don’t see myself purchasing the game. I have nothing against the franchise and I enjoyed GTA III a lot, but I don’t connect that well anymore with this type of games (clearly I’m getting old). So, most likely this month I will circle between the games that I already have while waiting for The Witcher 3 release.
                This week Grinding Gear Games presented some of the new features in their first real expansion for Path of Exile and was cool to see hack & slash innovation taken to the next level. These people at GGG really know how to make an interesting and complex game out of a genre with basic gameplay. I can’t wait to get started on the game when the new expansion is out, but I feel a little tired of losing my builds (again!!!).
My hands are shaking...

                The Pillars of Eternity review was quite demanding, I have spent more than fifteen hours on it, but I’m quite satisfied with the end result (probably my best work so far). I’m working on more articles, mostly to expand the new Guides section. The last part for best male characters was delayed, but is definitely coming out next week.
                I’m trying to find a way to write more reviews, but for some reason I can’t get a hold on this. My editor says I should write smaller reviews and this way I could write more of them, but every time I start writing a review I plan on doing 2-3 pages and I end up with 6-7+. Hopefully I will find a way again to write at least two reviews a month.
Truth be told, the games I have reviewed lately have been quite big, so there was a lot of time involved in playing them and then writing the article. Probably when I will start playing smaller indie games, things will get back on track

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