Sunday, March 29, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #31: Avatar?!

                Pillars of Eternity was released this week (finally!!!) and I have been playing it like crazy. I have spent over 50 hours in the game from Thursday until today and I think I completed about 65 - 70% of the overall progression. Pillars of Eternity is everything I wanted it to be and I rarely say something like this about a game. The nostalgic design made specifically to look like an Infinity Engine game with beautiful 2D graphics and the captivating gameplay and smartly presented story, make this game feel like a memory from a different time for RPGs when the genre was more about the value of role-playing and less about marketing and how much a game would sell. I could write a lot about this game, but there is no point in doing that since my next review will cover it (another gigantic review I bet).
                Besides waiting for Pillars of Eternity and playing it, I haven’t done much else in terms of gaming this week and this doesn’t come as a surprise for, as I haven’t been so hyped about a game in years. It is common for me to take time off work to play the titles that I expect to be the best of the year, but it is uncommon to get so anxious about an upcoming game. Being hyped is not a good thing as most of the time it leads to disappointment (and pre-orders…), but not this time!
Jake Sully, is that you?!

                As I was expecting, if I couldn’t get my articles done in time before Pillars of Eternity release, I won’t have a chance to finishing them after, so I had to postpone a little the last two parts of my article about best male characters in video games. I promise I will recover for these couple of slow months in April with more reviews and a new type of articles (!!!).

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