Sunday, March 15, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #29: The explorer!

                Not much to say about this week. I started playing ranked games in Heroes of the Storm and so far it doesn’t go as I wanted. I can say that I make some mistakes, but I’m pretty confident and comfortable with my usual heroes (Uther, Arthas, Stiches). The problem with ranked games in HotS as in any other MoBA comes from the fact that many players who don’t handle the game that well are playing ranked games and make horrible mistakes that cost their team the match. This issue comes up quite often because there are players who think they are masters of the game after 100-200 public matches and start playing in the more competitive area of the game. There are players who don’t even read on the theoretical part of these games to learn better tactics and more efficient ways of playing their heroes. The more competitive games will always have problems because of the issues mentioned above, especially at the entry point in ranked matches, but if someone plays well enough, it can get past this problematic area and advanced to less chaotic and more entertaining games.
                Besides Heroes of the Storm, I have been playing some Guild Wars 2, continuing the preparation for the expansions and I’m having a lot of fun with the game.
                I also played some Elite Dangerous, to test the new features introduced patch 1.2, and I can say that these new features are quite welcomed. But after reading on Braben’s interview for RPS, I don’t think Elite Dangerous is going in the right direction. It seems to me that Frontier Developments is focusing more on random generated content when the players (including myself) want something more meaningful. A better functionality for the interactions between the players and a world that is more driven by the player’s actions with controlled corporations and solar systems would be amazing for the game. Content that is more interactive with ideas borrowed from EVE will increase the life span and popularity of Elite Dangerous by a lot. The paid updates will probably add more depth to the game with features like landing on planets or boarding other. These updates will increase the longevity of the game, but I don’t think many of the players will wait that long.

                The first part of my article about best male characters in video games is up with many more to follow. There are quite many male characters that I find interesting and I’m writing a lot about them. Things have been going pretty slow lately, but hopefully I will also manage to finish and post a review this month.

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