Sunday, March 8, 2015

Screenshot of the Week #28: Epeen!

                With GDC and PAX East, this was a good week for gaming fans. The announcements made in the last days point to a brighter future for PC video games development. Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4 and the newly announced Source Engine 2 will be available for free with all features included. This opens up loads of options for all developers, but especially for indie devs which never had the resources to create or acquire the license for powerful graphical engines. Maybe after this, we won’t have to endure all kind of crap from developers that deliberately don’t show us video footage from PC versions of their games just so the sales for consoles are not affected. Now all developers will have access to powerful next-gen engines with huge potential and can add up easier to the production value of their games, without having to cut on the development budget for graphics as they only have to pay a percentage after their games actually sell.
Since the initiative with VR, this is the next best thing which has happened for gaming industry, especially for PC, and I have huge hopes for future games.
                Half Life 3 didn’t get announced, to the disappointment of many, but with Source Engine 2 announced the game could become a reality now more than ever before (still, don’t put your hopes too high!).
                I haven’t been playing anything lately except Heroes of the Storm, mostly because I have been craving badly for a PvP game and I have lots of friends to play with. There are many upcoming games that I would like to check out, but the end of this month and probably half of April I will dedicate to Pillars of Eternity which gets released on 26 March (expect a review!). The footage shown at PAX East for Pillars of Eternity was absolutely amazing. The Keep feature looks brilliant and will probably put Inquisition’s Skyhold to shame. One thing that bothers me is the fact that Obsidian seems to have abandoned the idea of vegetation animations in their game which is a bit of a letdown, considering that Temple of Elemental Evil had this extremely well done in 2003. Still, I can’t wait to play it, I took a few days off work to have the time I need to focus on this game (hopefully I won’t be disappointed).
Pew pew!

                I’m going through some writing burnout at the moment, which is intensified by the fact that I’m quite sick and I haven’t had at all the motivation or focus to write. If I get better I think I can recover by finishing some of my incomplete articles.

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