Sunday, January 18, 2015

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                This has been a busy week, between researching for my articles, writing them and playing the new games I just started, I didn’t manage to keep up with my self-imposed schedule.
                This week I started playing MMOs again, first, after some convincing from my friends I gave Star Wars: The Old Republic a try, something I was never tempted to do before. I’m a huge fan of the Star Wars universe and I love Kotor 1 & 2 (I consider the 2nd game is one of the best RPGs I have ever played) and Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, all of these are great games (and there are others worth playing) but after the Force Unleashed fiasco I was afraid to test new games in this universe, especially a MMO.
After playing for a few days I can say that I wasn’t wrong being afraid of this. Leaving aside the free to play restrictions of the game, because they are absolutely absurd and there is no point in ranting more about this, The Old Republic strikes me as a generic MMO with the addition of a singleplayer story.
It is like Bioware didn’t try to innovate at all and they copied the game mechanics used in classic MMORPGs and attaching to them a story made on their style but with a lower quality than stories seen in their singleplayer games.
It is nothing impressive, except maybe the huge amount of voice acting put into this game, but how does voice acting improve the gameplay experience of a MMO?
                The game is enjoyable, especially for a fan of this universe that played the Kotor games, but for a hardcore MMOs fan is just another classic style game with a new setting and that’s a big issue.
I don’t see myself playing past the 30 days of subscription that come with the activation of the game. I’ll try to run through the entire story and maybe get to meet Revan (my favorite Jedi), but after that I’ll just move on.
                While playing this game something curious happen, it made me want to play Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World again, the two MMORPGs in the last years that actually made a difference for me. Their innovative mechanics and interesting story is what separates them from the rest. It is true that TSW's success and business model are questionable, mostly because of poor management decisions, and GW 2 didn’t rise up to the huge hype it had prerelease. But both games have some really good features that make them so unique and push the genre forward and these features should become mandatory for newer games of this genre.
It is not the first time when playing a MMO in the recent year that I felt the need of game mechanics from these two games and eventually I went back to them. Is not about the fact that I’m pretentious, but I have played so many MMOs that I feel the need of a change in the genre, and this change is not a risk that many developers are prepared to take.
If the Illuminati see this!

                Sadly I didn’t manage to write the two articles I had planned for this week, I think a small burnout caught up with me and I couldn’t write anything worth reading so I took a small break. I have an article ready for Monday about Upcoming Action Games, it just needs editing, and I’m still working on Upcoming Strategy Games and Upcoming Adventure Games. After I’m done with this New Year type of articles I’ll get back on track with reviews and more!

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