Sunday, December 7, 2014

Screenshot of the Week #15: The voiceless singer!

                It is so rare when I get to say about a game that it is beautiful, but now is one of those moments. I’ve been playing Transistor this weekend (well to be more specific, today) and the game moved me with its atmosphere, world and music. AAA games producers don’t really go out of their comfort zone too much when developing new titles and that’s why most of the time these AAA games resemble so much the previous titles. But indie developers that want to have an impact on this market (even if is a smaller one) always come up with interesting and innovative ideas to capture gamers attention and heart. Such was the case with Bastion and its impressive narrative style and is safe to say that Supergiant Games took their ideas to the next level with Transistor.
                The game is a short and sweet masterpiece, a living jewel in a sea of soulless diamonds. Transistor takes advantage of Bastion legacy, using similar art style and difficulty system while borrowing some of the narrative features, but at its core is an entirely new and different game.
It what comes from producers that make games out of passion and love, not the greed that is destroying this industry from the inside.
Five hours of genuine and awesome content is enough for the game’s price tag and I’m afraid to say that more could have been better. Sometimes is for the best to have concentrated content, instead of dragging it out just for the sake of the game length, ruining everything with the repetition.
The voiceless singer and the talking sword...

                I have three or maybe four reviews I’m currently working on, for the games that I have played recently (Far Cry 4, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Transistor), but I can’t say when they will come out.
It has been a pretty rough week and there will be more like this in the nearest future, so I can’t make any promises.
I’m working on The Best Video Games of 2014 article which should be up by the end of this yea. I’m still waiting for Elite Dangerous release to check that game out and see if is worth a spot on the list.
                Because of the excitement Dragon Age: Inquisition caused me, I started reading some of the books from this universe lore. I just finished Dragon Age: The Masked Empire and was surprisingly good. I really enjoyed the book and I felt sorry that I didn’t read it before I played the game, because it made me understand better the empire of Orlais and some of the reasons behind some important political characters. So if you are a fan of Dragon Age games and didn’t start playing Inquisition yet, you might want to give this book a chance (also Asunder has some big links with the game).

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