Sunday, November 30, 2014

Screenshot of the Week #14: Love transcends dimensions!

                I’m almost done with Dragon Age: Inquisition, only the final mission and few operations left. I did almost everything worth doing in the game and not because I’m a completist, but because I enjoyed it. The game wasn’t exactly what I imagined, but not very far from that either. It takes some of the good things in DA 2 (yes, there are some good things in that game) and combines them with some of the awesome features in Origins, while bringing something new to the table (like the War Table!). It was a very enjoyable and relatively emotional experience which I recommend to the fans of this universe and RPGs fans in general.
                I purchased some new games to play and maybe review after I’m done with Inquisition. I did skip a lot on FPS games this year, not like there were that many, but to make up for it I bought Far Cry 4 and Wolfenstein The New Order. I did get to play the games a little as I was waiting for my Inquisition War Table operations to finish and I can’t say that I’m enjoying Far Cry 4, which I was expecting more or less. Wolfenstein was a pleasant surprise, it does have some issues and the story goes crazy at some point but I did finish the game with only one or two pauses, is not that long to begin with, but still was good enough and I found it entertaining.
It's not the happy end!

                I’m almost done with my review for Dragon Age: Inquisition and I will post it in the upcoming week. I have some other articles I’m slowly working on when I have time and I’ve made some more progress, hopefully I will finish them by the end of this year.
Things haven’t been so easy on me lately, problems pilling up in real life and I need video games as a distraction from my nightmares. Hopefully is just a false alarm and everything is going to be fine.
                I will continue posting at the same rate as I did in the last couple of months and if anything changes I will make it clear here. But I was hoping to increase my number of articles not the other way around.

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