Sunday, November 9, 2014

Screenshot of the Week #11: German steel!


                No new releases in the past week, except the new Call of Duty which I will skip. So I used this spare time to get back to one of the games that I play from time to time.
                One of my biggest passions is warfare technology and with it comes my love for tanks (despite being a pacifist at heart). While I’m waiting for the release of Armored Warfare, the new title from Obsidian Entertainment, I’m going to satisfy my need for tank battles with War Thunder: Ground Forces. A game that provides a more realistic perspective on tank battles, compared to World of Tanks, and I find this more my style. The game can be incredibly frustrating, because the damage model is really suited for patient players (which I’m clearly not), but also because the game is a bit imbalanced. Even so, is an enjoyable experience and the tank models and sounds are incredibly well done.
                I did put some effort this weekend, to unlock two of my favorite tanks of all times and I have to say they are awesome (!!). Nothing can compare with Germans steel!
A monster!

                I did purchased Titanfall to give the game a fair try, since I only played it in beta (and I haven’t played a single shooter released this year). I’m going to spend the upcoming week playing it together with other online games, while I’m waiting for Dragon Age: Inquisition release. After that the new Bioware game will have my full attention, with a review coming as soon as I’m done with the game.
                The Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor review is almost completed, I will post it in the upcoming week. I’ve also being playing the new game from AMPLITUDE Studios, Dungeon of the Endless, which is an interesting and innovative combination of RPG, rogue-lite and tower defense. If I have enough time and inspiration I’m going to write a short review for it in the next weeks.

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