Sunday, September 21, 2014

Screenshot of the Week #4: Words of Wisdom!

This Friday were released two of the most anticipated games for me. Endless Legend and the long awaited Wasteland 2 are now out of their Early Access!
I was anxiously waiting for the Wasteland 2 release and was happy that no other game that I want is coming in the same week. I was caught off guard by Endless Legend release as I didn't follow this month’s progress updates from developers and I had no clue was coming in the same day.
              Despite promising myself that I will dedicate most of my weekend to Wasteland 2, I gave into temptation and played a little of what looks like one of the most complete 4X Strategies released in a while. AMPLITUDE Studios did a very good job with their new title. The game graphics and art style are out of this world, while the gameplay is complex and captivating. Endless Legend will keep many strategy enthusiasts tied to their PCs. But even so, post apocalyptical old school style RPGs are the bread and butter for me. It was a little hard to choose from these two games but I ended up spending my weekend the way I wanted initially: by playing Wasteland 2.
              I captured a large amount of images from my latest gaming adventures, each screenshot being interesting in its own way. Humor, secrets and Easter-eggs are an important part of Wasteland 2.
This week’s screenshot has a little from all those things:
In this world, their will to launch nuclear rockets was unstoppable...
              Wasteland 2 is a huge game, but when I'm done with it, I'm going to write an in-depth review to say my opinion about the game that looks like the spiritual successor of Fallout 2.

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