Saturday, September 27, 2014

Follow the Game Slashers on Steam!

Valve has released this week the Discovery update for Steam. The new update offers a smarter Home page for each user with personalized recommendations based on the games played, reviews from other users and with many customizable areas. A discovery Queue is now available on the front page which offers a faster way to check for new releases or top selling games.The search engine has been improved with better filters and together with the search auto complete makes finding games a lot easier.
            The most important feature (for me) from this update and the reason I wrote this short article is the Steam Curators, which allows individual users or organizations to publish reviews and recommendation on Steam. Curators can be followed by users in order to check their latest activity. This is a great promotion tool and I used this opportunity to create a Game Slashers Group on Steam and create a Game Slashers Curator to help me spread the word about my blog.
             I will put the links to my group and Curator down below. Feel free to join my group and follow my Curator for an easier way to receive updates about this blog and discuss about games in general. The expansion of this group it will help me a lot with some of my (possible) future plans.


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