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Best female characters in video games Part IV

Kreia / Darth Traya – Knights of the Old Republic II

             Kreia is a human female Sith Lord part of the Sith Triumvirate, an alliance formed by the last powerful Sith Lords of Darth Revan’s empire.
Before the war she was a Jedi Master that was exiled by the Jedi Council because her students followed her former apprentice, Revan, into invading the Mandalorians. In exile she turned to the dark side and became a Sith Lord and searched the force for those who could become her apprentices, she found Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus with which she later on formed the Sith Triumvirate and used this alliance to destroy the remaining Jedis.
Her two allies betrayed her and stripped her from the Force. Being thrown away by Jedis and Sith, Kreia started to think that the Force is using everyone and came with the idea to destroy its influence from the galaxy.
As she searched for someone who would have the power to help her do something like this she found the main character (a female named Zurik in the canon version) and went on a mission to save this person. Kreia started to influence the main character as they traveled together in the galaxy at the board of Ebon Hawk ship. She helped the main character locate the remaining Jedi Masters and as the main character reached them she showed her true identity and killed the remaining Jedis betraying her companion.
Kreia is an amazingly written character as she manages to fool the player the whole time in his first play through. Her calm and soothing voice and her teaching and what seem like good advices keep the player away from the truth the whole time. It is quite a shock when she shows her true nature, as by that time most of the players got attached to her as a character and as an important member of their crew.
Her manipulation of the main character puts her in a great position to finish her devious and evil plan. It’s up to the player to change the course of the history and is in the interest of both, dark and light side of the force, to stop Darth Traya from reaching her true goal.
Kreia lost her eyesight due to the lack of use of her eyes because she overused meditation in order to find the mysteries of the galaxy, but her close connection to the Force allowed her to see with the help of it. As a member of the Ebon Hawk crew, she wore simple Jedi robes and a double-blade lightsaber.
 Kreia is one of the best characters ever seen in a video game and Obsidian proved everyone wrong when they thought the second installment of the game won’t have a twist at the level of the one seen in the original game.
Kreia, the member of my crew that I trusted.

Darth Traya!

Morrigan – Dragon Age: Origins

Morrigan is my favorite female character in all the video games I have ever played. Beautiful, mysterious, powerful, heartless at the first glimpse and with an attitude full of contempt, Morrigan is like a flower that opens up only if you carefully attend to her. Written by David Gaider and brought to life by the amazing voice of Claudia Black, Morrigan is the most impressive character in Dragon Age: Origins and probably David Gaider’s best work since Viconia.
Morrigan was raised in the swamps of Ferelden by Flemeth, a witch of the wilds, and was taught to become a witch herself, learning powerful magic and the ability to shape shift into different animals. Cut from the rest of civilization, Morrigan grew up as a cold and distant woman, following her own interests and those of her mother in the search for greater powers. The contact with the Grey Warden might have been something she never predicted and was not ready for, allowing her to feel emotions she never felt before, emotions that she considered a weakness.
             It takes a huge amount of time to find out something about this character and all the effort put into this makes you, without your knowledge, start loving her. The sad part is that when you thought you can finally understand her, she turns your whole world upside down than vanishes without a trace, all that is left is a ring from her which makes you feel one time that she’s thinking about you and feels sorry that she left. This caused fans to go berserk on Bioware forums (including myself!), yelling for closure for the romance/story between Morrigan and the Grey Warden.
Witch Hunt DLC provides the closure for the story, in a cash grab way, with a plot and interaction between characters that is not even close to what we have seen in the original game. It is gratifying that her contribution to the story of the game is not over yet even after this DLC.
Morrigan will make a return in Dragon Age 3 as a support character for the main hero, by the looks of it from trailers, and because of this I’m so excited about the game (trying to forget the DA2 total disappointment). Hopefully Dragon Age 3 will provide a better story for Morrigan than her DLC did and this will make us understand her true reasons for her actions at the end of the first game.
Morrigan and her devious mother.

Not always expressing hate.

Sarah Louise Kerrigan / Queen of Blades – Starcraft Franchise

Sarah Louis Kerrigan by her human name or the Queen of Blades by her Zerg name is one of the main protagonists/antagonists of the Starcraft series and probably the most complex character seen in a strategy game.
As Sarah Kerrigan she is a sweet looking girl with red hair and green eyes and the power to read anyone’s mind or kill in an instant. As Queen of Blades she has spikes instead of hair, greenish skin covered with a protecting organic armor and wings which look like blades, her power is unmatchable and her mind allows to fully control the Zerg race.
Kerrigan’s story is a tragic one. When she was a young girl she discovered by accident that she has psionic powers killing her mother by mistake and putting her father into a vegetative state. Kerrigan was taken into custody by Confederate forces and became a subject for many of their experiments. In the end she was subdued to become their assassin as a Ghost special unit. She was rescued by Arcturus Mengsk and became one of the key members of the revolution against the Confederate leadership and Mengsk’s right hand. Then she met Jim Raynor and then things started to change, she became close to Raynor while getting further away from Mengsk as the men she thought she knew weren’t there anymore.
Because she opposed her leader in his insane decisions, Kerrigan paid the ultimate price and was abandoned on a planet invaded by Zerg, despite the desperate attempts from Raynor to save her. But instead of killing her, the Zergs saw the power she was holding and turned Kerrigan into one of their own and so the Queen of Blades was born. Filled with hate because of the betrayal, Kerrigan took advantage of the destruction of Zergs Overmind by Protoss forces and seized control over the Zerg race using it to exercise revenge over humanity and those that betrayed it. The human female that she used to be was no more, instead now she was a monster, killing billions of people and betraying everyone to reach her true goal.
During the events of Starcraft II, Kerrigan was turned back to human form and despite Raynor’s sacrifices and attempts to convince her to come back to a normal life, in the end she was overcome by hate and ran away to recover her lost powers and her status as the queen of Zergs.
 In her quest to reunite Zergs, now separated in small groups, Kerrigan understands the true meaning of her existence and after taking her revenge on Mengsk for betraying and turning her into a monster, with the help of human resistance forces and Jim Raynor, Sarah now more aware as a human but still possessing the powers of a Zerg queen goes into the depths of the space to face the enemy of all life.
Sarah Kerrigan is always at the extremities of morality, she’s either trying to do the right thing or is a monster that kills everything standing in her away. It’s hard to blame someone like her who suffered from the beginning of her life, who from the day her powers were discovered never had a moment to rest.
It’s obvious that Kerrigan is modeled by the men in her life, Mengsk and Raynor being the strongest molds and opposite to one another, as one drags her deep into darkness the other one tries to bring hope back to her.
In the end, despite all the horrible things she did, sometimes not being aware as a human being, Kerrigan redeems herself by ending Mengsk’s dictatorship over humanity and going to fight the Fallen One together with her Zergs.
Kerrigan’s / The Queen of Blades’ story has not been concluded yet and despite being at a lower quality in Starcraft II compared to the original games I’m still excited to find out what role she will play in the the upcoming expansion.
The best ghost ever trained.

The Queen of Blades!

Half human half zerg.

This is the list of what I consider the best female characters from all the video games I’ve played. These characters don’t stand out just because most of them are “sex symbols”, but because they are skillful, courageous, strong, dedicated and their story helps their development in players’ eyes. It is worth mentioning that some of these characters have received a massive development outside the video games area, through books, comics and other kinds of media.
There are many other females that might be as good as the ones I mentioned, but these are my favorites and the games in which they appear worth playing.


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