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Best female characters in video games Part III

Cortana – Halo Franchise

While technically not a female, Cortana does look, speak and act like one despite being an Artificial Intelligence. Inspired by Jane from Ender’s Saga, Cortana is a supportive character to Master Chief, the main character of the Halo series. She was created by flash cloning the brain of the doctor responsible for the Spartan-II Program, a project to create human super soldiers. Cortana had to choose a Spartan to accompany in battle and she picked the protagonist of the series and as the action of the game progressed their relationship evolved.
Cortana has no physical body and can communicate through holographic images or comms. She resembles her creator in thoughts and look, being a younger version of her, she even shares some of her creator original memories. Her goal is to aid in battle the Spartan she was assigned to and has critical information about the Halos, massive interstellar rings designed by a highly-advanced race of aliens in order to stop an alien parasite from taking over the galaxy.
The PC gamers didn’t get to see much of Cortana since only the first two games in this series were released on PC, but in these games players got to see the beginning of the relationship between Cortana and Master Chief and how deep as a character this AI can be.
The curious thing in her relationship with the main character is the fact that their roles as beings are reversed as he is almost emotionless and she acts more human than he does.

Human or AI?!

Jill Valentine – Resident Evil Franchise

Resident Evil series dates back to 1996 and so does Jill Valentine, being part of one of the STARS teams sent to investigate a mysterious mansion which turned out to be infested with zombies.
Jill Valentine is a brunette (sometimes brown-haired) attractive girl, a bad-ass fighter member of multiple organizations that fight against bio-terrorism. She is also the co-founder of BSAA together with her good partner Chris Redfield. She shares a special bound with Chris and they both have each other’s backs and are ready to sacrifice for one another, though it was never shown in the series, fans dream about a romantic relationship between the two of them.
Since the original game of the series, Jill made multiple appearances in the franchise, most notable as a protagonist in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, where she has to battle a humanoid bio-weapon designed to hunt down and kill all members of STARS. Another notable appearance throughout the series is in Resident Evil 5 as a villain controlled by Albert Wesker and later on after being rescued she becomes a support character; and in Resident Evil Revelations which links together the action between the 4th and the 5th games.
Jill is a fighter, she can wield any of the weapons available in the game (even while dressed in a miniskirt) and ravage the zombies with them. Her team spirit, fighting skills and dedication to her cause make her a great partner.
In a franchise with many strong female characters, Jill Valentine stands out the most and she shown her worth throughout the series and I hope to see more of her in the future games.

Resident Evil dream team!

Tali’Zorah nar Rayya – Mass Effect Franchise
Tali is a Quarian, a humanoid race of technologically advanced aliens forced away from their home planet by Geth, the artificial race they created. Quarians now live aboard a huge spaceships fleet and because of their weak immune system they are forced to wear a protective suit all the time that stops any outside pathogens from affecting them.
          Like any Quarian, Tali is wearing a full suit, never showing her face, this adds up for increasing mystery throughout the Mass Effect series as Tali becomes more and more important to the main character the curiosity about what hides behind that mask grows stronger. If Tali is chosen as a romance interest for the main character, during the Mass Effect 2 events, she will show her face to commander Shepard (no to the players) in one of the cutest moments in gaming history, the fact that she gets a cold after this happened makes the moment quite funny.
            Her relationship with Legion, a Geth member of Shepard’s crew, makes her (and us) understand the Geths and opens up the chance for peace in the never-ending war between Quarians and Geths and if the player makes the right choices this peace can be achieved.
Tali’s weapons of choice are shotguns and heavy pistols, she also uses an omni-tool to help her with repairing any damaged tech.
            She is a complex character, a smart woman with an affinity for technology and some fixed ideas that she manages to overcome during her period as member of Shepard’ crew. It is sad that when the players finally got to see her true face she was nothing more than an imitation of a popular Instagram picture (…). Still, her mysterious nature, intelligence and loveable dialogues make her one of the greatest female characters seen in video games and one that should not be missed or forgotten.
Quarians fashion.

Cutest Mass Effect romance!

To be continued...


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