Monday, August 25, 2014

Best female characters in video games Part I

Female characters are as important as male characters in any video games (as a guy I would say females are more important!). And since the beginning of gaming we had quite a lot of different archetype of awesome female characters. So I decided to make a list of females that impressed me in video games (not necessarily protagonists) based on their skill, attitude, background story and more.
These are the best female characters out there:
(Warning this might contain spoilers!)

Harley Quinn – Arkham Franchise

                There had to be someone crazy on this list and there is no better pick then Harley Quinn. Originally a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, Doctor Harleen Frances Quinzel was assigned to try to treat the Joker, but instead she becomes obsessed by the criminal and believes to be in love with him. She helps the Joker escape and takes a criminal identity of her own as Harley Quinn (how well her name worked out, it’s like she was designed to be a joke!) and dresses up accordingly with her new name.        
                Harley Quinn is one of the main villains in Arkham games and she aids the Joker in his insane plans to toy with Batman and eventually destroy him. Her insane and reckless behavior makes her extremely dangerous, but also a real treat to watch as the player.
Team crazy!

A new boss in town!

 Rayne – Bloodrayne Series

                Rayne is an American dhampir, the child of a human and a vampire. Her mother’s family was killed by her father which triggered Rayne to hunt him down throughout the world.  She was recruited by an organization that exterminates supernatural creatures that put the world in danger and this lead her to fight the Nazis which were making supernatural experiments and were trying to bring demons into the world.
                Rayne is a young looking redheaded girl, wearing a tight leather costume which has attached to each arm one sharp blade and Rayne uses them to destroy her enemies. She is agile, powerful and can be ruthless and possesses lots of supernatural powers and the ability to suck her victims’ blood in order to regenerate her own life (as vampires usually do).
                Rayne is not a character to mess with as she always hunts down her target, leaving a bloodbath behind after she got the job done, the Nazis would know…
Those eyes! Those blades! Those ....!!!

The sexy vampire.

Kate Walker – Syberia Series

Kate is an intelligent woman and overcomes a lot of conundrums in her quest, each more difficult than the last one. 
As a lawyer from a New York Company it’s her job to watch over the sale of Voralberg toy factory. As she finds out that the thought deceased brother of the previous owner of the factory is still alive she embarks on an adventure to track him down in order for the sale to finish. This leads her to different and strange places in faraway lands and as the action of the series progresses the character starts to forget about her previous normal life and becomes somewhat obsessed in discovering the apparently still living woolly mammoths.
                Her courage in life is admirable as she gives up her job as a lawyer and abandons her fiancé to pursue an old man’s life dream.

Kate Walker will make a comeback in the third installment of the Syberia series which was announced this year by Microïds.

To be continued...


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